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  1. So why is it Octo-mom The Useless has a website for donations and this lady is getting the shaft. Oh, that's right. We traded our common sense and morals for an iPhone and an X-box. If she starts a fundraiser to get the 25k, I'm in for at least $20.
  2. So, has does anyone done a 6+ hour transport with a diabetic patient?
  3. So here's a question: What goes around in circles more, a race car or this thread.
  4. She has to die to be eligable. She may want to at this point...
  5. I must have missed where he said that. Hmmm. Did it get deleted?
  6. Looks like there will be a long line of people waiting to do that.
  7. It's quite possible that this is the only honest part of the story. Perhaps she isn't the best unbiased judge of proper medical care in the prehospital setting.
  8. I think He'll decrease the number of drownings if he teaches everyone else how to walk on water.
  9. Dude. What job have you not had?
  10. A big thing for me is the display. I know color displays may be viewed as unnecessary, but the display on the MRX beats the hell out of the dirty yellow display from the Lifepak's. It takes nearly no time to recognize the waveform or data point you are looking for whereas you have to double check what you're looking at on the Lifepak due to the mono color display. The MRX connectors also stay attached to the monitor much better. I've had specific issues with the Lifepak's ECG cable coming unplugged. Maybe it was just worn out. Also the ECG cables on the MRX are much longer than on the
  11. Is this a new problem in the area or just a slow news day story?
  12. LOL! I was going to ask about that! Was the video in the back of the ambo? Is dude that short or do you have a lot of head room.
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