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  1. I realize that most people aren't going to tattoo their medical history or allergies on their bodies, or a MedicAlert type tattoo. I'm not very experienced in EMS so I don't have much to chat about here right yet (my medic clinicals start next semester, so maybe I'll have more questions and thoughts then). I'm a volunteer in a very rural area, and when I'm on it always seems to be quiet. I'm learning what I can from these forums, and I enjoy it here. However, I wasn't trying to start any sort of discussion on if it'd be something to add to our patient assessment right along with DCAPBTLS.
  2. Thanks for the link JPINFV.
  3. I thought I'd share this. I thought it looked pretty neat, and I hadn't realized that there is apparently a symbol for pacemakers. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/loom/2008/06/11/beats-a-medical-bracelet/
  4. There is also a thread in the Drama section of the forums at Television Without Pity http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com
  5. Yes, a couple others in my medic class and I plan to watch entirely to make fun of it tomorrow.
  6. Thanks. I've been thinking about it and I don't think that my heart would be quite into it. I don't think it's something, even training wise, to get into without being into it 100%.
  7. Ideally, I'd like to get hired civil service. The base I'm local to has a combined FD/EMS. I intend to get up with them shortly to find out if I'd have to qualify FF I and II. While I've been around FDs - my mother was a fire inspector for the Navy, and for a couple years in Bermuda she was a FF because they'd required it for her position, I don't really know anything about the training. Mom is supportive of me going for it, and says there's nothing like heading out at 0200 in a truck in turnout gear. But I'm a little hesitant for all that I'm attracted to the idea - I never had as strong
  8. I wasn't able to fit it into my schedule for this fall. I'm going to get a textbook though, work through what I can, and hang out in the math lab for help with the rest.
  9. Thanks, VentMedic. I may have asked this before and not remembered. At any rate, after I posted I thought about it and went and looked up the classes for the Bachelor's EMS I want to obtain, and I realized that Algebra is required along with three Chemistry classes and a couple others so I'm going to go ahead and get Algebra done this fall.
  10. I have a some classes transferring towards my degree, leaving me with just EMT-Basic, EMS Vehicles/Communications, and Anatomy & Physiology I this fall. Algebra isn't required as part of the degree program I'm in, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't take it anyways? I'm not the best with algebra, so I'd rather avoid it - but then I haven't done anything like it since high school 15 years ago. How much of algebra plays into later things that I will learn like pharmacology (which I'll have in the spring)? Or is it more useful as just in the higher-thinking that it encourages?
  11. I just watched The Bucket List last night. Great movie...I can't say that I HAVE a bucket list, but I can think on it some. Off-hand the first things I can think of would be to visit Jerusalem; visit NAS Rota, where I was born; and to return to Bermuda for at least a couple months if not to move back there. Visit Scotland, Ireland, and Wales with another go-around through England.
  12. I found this place thanks to a google search back when I first decided to go into the field.
  13. I just looked at my books for this fall. I think I'll just pay for it without looking at the total LOL! $120 for the Paramedic text, and $243 for Anatomy & Physiology. This semester I have it easy, but after this, I am not sure how much I'm in for. BUT compared to the cost of NOT seeking an education, the books are priceless.
  14. This sounds vaguely familiar, like I might have heard it before. My dad is big into country music. I'm enjoying listening to the songs you found. I'll have to look and see if I can find the album anywhere.
  15. They do roll, but it's barely shown - you see the knockdown first and it cuts away as they end up rolling. I love the Eagle. I tried to get assigned there, but didn't get it - or either of the Polars (Polar Sea, and Polar Star - they get to go to Antarctica which I thought would be really cool to do). I ended up here in NC. Oh well LOL. I can look up which cutters were shown if you'd like.
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