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  1. The patient believed that she was being transported to her death. With proper hospice counseling she need not have been subjected to that additional dose of fear. Even if it was not possible to care for her at home she would have known what to expect and transport need not have been as terrifying as it ended up being for her. -- Tom
  2. It was some years back but I went through several similar calls and in each case we did not transport. The only time I ever transported a patient against her will was a Cancer Pt who was to be taken from home to hospital and everyone but the patient wanted her to go including the doctor who had arranged for the transport. It was the patients failure to answer the A&O X 3 questions that decided the outcome. I still wish her family could have born up under the stress of having her die at home. If they had only had good hospice counseling we might have avoided putting the patient through
  3. Legal issues aside I would not like to force him to accept care. Without going back on what I just said I would think that a conscientious application of "Danger to himself or others" would only apply to his ongoing voluntary actions rather than to a apparently cogent refusal of care. Now I turn the legal issues back on. I would continue or start the back up medic unit since I am an EMT-B. I would get a radio consult, request orders, and ask for a go team. I would request a peace officer to the scene to witness an extreme refusal against medical advice. Given the law in my state I wou
  4. Snip Snip Richard If the governer of New York does decide to allow out of area electricians to work in the releif effort let me know and I will make your house my objective. I am an electrician by craft and a volunteer firefighter rescuer by avocation. I would be happy to help you do any rewiring that is required. I have the equipment needed to test your surviving wiring for any problems and identify what needs replacing without pulling out everything in the house. Just let me know what is will work for you and I will be there. -- Tom Horne
  5. mffrhorne


    I just have to ask now that Richard B has brought it up. Is there such a thing as a NIBP that does work in a moving unit? -- Tom
  6. I don't see any easy solution to the equipment pilferage problem. The hospitals here had a closet with an exterior door. It used to be everything was thrown in together. More recently some of the hospitals have moved the retrieval area inside and separated it by service. If you are from one county you can only get the key for that counties storage closet. An adjacent county that we work with a lot is terribly underfunded by their county council. Their staff cannot get enough equipment to take care of their patients so they misappropriate ours. I had gone to retrieve equipment from a hos
  7. You believe in aerial spraying of Prozac... You believe the waiting room water fountain should be fitted with a valium proportioner You have ever reffered to a new ED Doc as a shit magnet You have ever eaten chocolatte pudding out of a chux to see if you can make the new resident puke You have ever had a patient look you directly in the eye and deny any knowledge of how some foreign body came to be in some orifice of their body You have ever asked a patient if she is sexually active and she answered "No I just lie there" You believe chocolate is a food group... You refer t
  8. An equipment audit at a major US airport revealed that there were six spare AEDs in the training locker and the training AEDs were missing. The mystery was solved when a check of the purchasing records revealed that the airport did not own any spare AEDs. An Airport laborer had been ordered to stock all of the AEDs in the cabinets along the concourse of a renovated terminal and had placed the training AEDs in some of the cabinets. So who says bean counters only cause trouble? My take home from this is that training AEDs should never be in the same storage location as the real one
  9. Maryland is using Kaplan continuing education for their on line re certification training and after having used it for the first time this cycle I am favorably impressed. The question is would a year long subscription to their service be worth the one hundred twenty dollar cost. I would especially like to hear from anyone who has actually had the use of the annual service with what your experience was. -- Tom Horne
  10. Many years ago I ran an ambulance call for an injured child and was advised on route that a baby was being shaken out a window and police were en route. The policy that we follow today of staying out of insecure violent incidents was not in place back then and the actions you took were at your discretion. We continued into the scene and dispatch told us that the baby was being used to extort money from the mother. On arrival we saw that a baby was indeed being waved out a window by his feet three stories in the air. As we ran up the stairs my partner said "If you can distract the guy for
  11. Lonestar You nailed it Sir. It is indeed their emergency. Tell me how to get that one idea through to the newer folks and you will have been a tremendous help. If we are not having an emergency then there is no reason to act like we are. I still remember how some of the Old Hands seemed so blase' about emergency responses. Fortunately they were patient with me and I learned why. Some even took the time to refer me to the available analysis of how little we actually saved when running with the warning devices operating. I was really surprised at how little time was gained. Your useless
  12. That is a fascinating idea. No ALS = No L&S. I like it and I'm an EMT Basic. If the patient is stable enough for transport by an EMT-B crew then aren't they stable enough for no L&S. Mind you I have the blessing of almost always having EMT-Ps available at the scene and of course that makes a difference. -- Tom Horne
  13. Leaving the internet out of this for just a minute. If I'm on a wreck job, and the patient care is under control, taking mechanism photographs with the units Polaroid may be the best contribution I can make at that time. We have the real blessing of having a lot of skilled help in a really short time on most of our incidents. Nice thing about Polaroids is that they are at least a little harder to convey electronically. Since you would have to work at it to do it most of the malintentioned types won't bother. The Polaroids end up in the patients medical file were they belong. The doct
  14. So which chemistry course? Inorganic, organic, or something that is aimed at biochemistry? -- Tom Horne
  15. I do not know if it is still true but at one time having a drivers license in Vermont imposed a duty to stop and render assistance to the best of your ability if you were the first uninvolved driver to find the wreck. That information is decades old and I can only hope that the state has changed it's rules to some more common sense approach. I do stop if it is safe to do so but I would not have stopped at the roadside under the conditions that existed in this incident. I also have a very strong advantage in that my work vehicle is equipped with a road hazard beacon, an arrow board, and
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