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  1. This type of nonsense is commonplace on this site. Shayne
  2. ... when decals just don't do it anymore. Shayne
  3. In a pinch, you could break out the Sharpie and decorate some absorbent chucks to use. Shayne
  4. LOL. I thought of Little Feat as soon as I read the topic. I can hear Lowell George (RIP) singing it now. Shayne
  5. Those federal grants are a joke. Departments that really need the money don't see a dime. It's totally political. One year they're giving out money for pumpers, the next year, tankers. Need money for training? Sorry, that was last year. Don't need a pumper? Oh well, apply for a grant anyhow. Some departments are receiving millions of dollars every year. Meanwhile, those departments that really need some help get nothing. Shayne
  6. I've never been a big fan of reciprocating saws. There are other tools (hand and power) that I prefer over a Sawzall. For windshield removal, I prefer a Glas-Master. I think a big improvement for reciprocating saws would be a much faster operating speed and better blade stability. Shayne
  7. L.A. Rescue makes a nice bag. The one I use holds a D tank easily and has lots of space for everything else. It's not a bag you want to carry for extended periods of time. Shayne
  8. As a supervisor, I've only had one employee do the "no call, no show" routine. Needless to say, that gentleman was terminated. It's not hard to pick up a telephone and let me know you're not able to come to work. Some of my employees will let their partner know when they're going to be out. That depends on their working relationship. Shayne
  9. I always thought the "fox in a forest fire" was a reference to how hot something was. Shayne
  10. I guess with age comes a little more common sense and an understanding of what is actually dangerous. Running lights and siren is dangerous. Running red lights and stop signs is insane. There are too many tragic accidents involving EMS, fire, and police vehicles responding to calls. Lights and sirens won't make you a better driver. Other motorist are usually oblivious to anything outside of their vehicles. I consider myself a professional driver. We like the term "professional". Most EMT's and firefighters consider themselves "professional" drivers too. The ability to go fast while runni
  11. Little Johnny was late to school, again. His teacher was livid because of Little Johnny's chronic tardiness. "Little Johnny, you're late again !!!" Little Johnny replies. "But teacher, I have a really good excuse this time. My uncle was walking me to school this morning. We were crossing the street and he bent down to tie his shoe. One of those old-timey cars with the crank handle on front hit him and the handle went straight up his ass." "Little Johnny, you shouldn't say ass, you should say rectum." "Rectum hell, it damn near killed him !!!" Shayne
  12. We missed a great opportunity to tell a "Little Johnny" joke. Shayne
  13. A few years ago we responded to a construction site accident. The victim fell off a roof and landed in an area with rebar sticking up from the ground. The rebar went up his rectum. Thankfully, his buddies pulled him off the rebar before we arrived on scene. Shayne
  14. A few weeks ago I watched, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry". The 500 pound man must have watched it too. Shayne
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