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  1. Maybe need to rephrase the whole LPN bit... I've completed 2 years of my nursing degree, have worked as a B-Grade auxiliary and completed various SVQ's etc (so in retrospect, probably was slightly misleading with the LPN statement - it's quite awkward trying to see how equivalencys work lol) Thanks to everyone for their input so far. Been very helpful.
  2. Prob be S.W. IN (probably Evansville) but we may look at Indy also (we are going to look at some houses in Evansville in a couple of weeks when we are on vacation) Any help would be much appreciated
  3. LMAO I expected something like that after reading some of the posts on here lol Your post fills me with optimism, so cheers
  4. Thanks for replying As far as actually getting a license is concerned, I can get that as soon as I have my green card / SSN and have fulfilled the required length of time holding a permit. So, the fact I'm a foreigner shuld be a non-issue. (thankfully ) The main concern was re. insurance and length of time holding my license, but if you don't think that insurance companies look into length of time then that is definetly helpful Cheers BTW I will be living in IN.
  5. Hi Quite new here (read the forum for about a year but never really had anything to offer before lol) I am 26 and currently live in the U.K. and am emigrating to the U.S. with my American wife in the next year and want to get involved in EMS (get my EMT-B and then got to medic school). My background is mainly in nursing (have completed 2 years of nursing school, worked as the equivalent of an LPN etc.), but my question is about driving requirements. I currently do not have a driving license. The reason for this is that I have always lived in the city and have never needed a car due to the (normally) reliable public transportation systems. We don't have drivers ed in school and it can be quite expensive to learn to drive (although I have had a number of these lessons and have quite good road sense as I used mopeds etc at university lol) I am just wondering what companies require as far as an "acceptable" driving record is concerned (for insurance reasons etc.). On arrival in the U.S., I will get my state driving license (I have researched all the requirements re. length of time permit has to be held etc.), but wonder whether my record would be deemed "acceptable" even if I have only held my license for a short time (I know that my age may go in my favour). I guess to a certain degree, even if I was a driver here, I would still need to gain my state driving license so the fact that I don't drive here may be completely irrelevant. Hope to hear your thoughts.
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