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  4. Okay, for the record this happened in Northern New Jersey, which, as everyone knows bears no resemblance to the rest of the state.
  5. I think Fiznat misinterpreted Lone Stars post. The License lapses after a grace period, which means it is ineligible for renewal. The second paragraph pretty clearly states that continuing to work with an expired credential is a felony under Michigan law. Secondly I've got to take exception to Fiznat's personal opinion that having knowledge of a company condoning the continued practice by individuals with expired credentials. It seems like a recurring theme on this (and many other) forums is the lack of respect that EMS is given by other health care professionals. Could it be that one o
  6. My department tried to save a little money one year and switched to plastic disposable laryngoscope blades. They tended to get soft and bend in the heat and got brittle and snap in the cold. I snapped one trying to intubate a little kid who got ejected from her mom's car on the overpass and landed on the road bed below.
  7. Carn evil 9 - Emerson Lake and Palmer "Welcome my friend to the show that never ends" It's been that kind of night. Regrettably, the 7 virgins and a mule were a no show
  8. You should also take a look here This is a blog written by Tom Bouthillet it's a pretty good read, and if you start from his first post it's a comprehensive review.
  9. Mrmeaner- Physio is all we've ever used so I'll admit to having a bit of a knowledge deficit about the MRX. Can you enlighten me as to what you think makes the MRX superior to the LP12.
  10. This story is not too far off true. I used to work in a casino in Atlantic City I remember back in the early 80's there was a male /female team that would specialize in rail theft ( stealing chips from the rail of a craps table). She was generously endowed and would flash the table while her partner would scoop the chips and run. I remember when we got hit, some of the old guys at the table weren't too upset at the monetary loss. they just enjoyed the show!
  11. We are allowed to access AV shunts as an absolute last resort (medical control option) access, we carry the same needless that the dialysis centers use and include the procedure in our yearly education/skills day. I've done them a couple of times but only during codes. The dual port subclavian ports they put in as temporary accesses until the grafts cure are much better. Just aspirate 5 ml and waste then flush with saline and your good to go. And yes our nephrologists go ape sheet when we access them. For the uninitiated an AV shunt or graft is a goretex tube that joins a vein and artery in a
  12. I would say that age is not as important as maturity in making a good paramedic, or EMT for that matter. Is it possible that the "old head" was trying to teach you something and all you are picking up is the negativity? Please don't take this as a put down, I don't know you or your situation, just playing devils advocate. I do recognize the possibility that you ran up against someone who really has 1 year of experience 22 times but dosent realize it.
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