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  1. Nothing wrong with music! I'm studying at the moment and on clinical placements while transporting non-emerg casualties we regularly had music on. Usually a classic hits station (something everyone can listen to) and if the patient has a problem with it then we turn it off. Simple as that. I also volunteer with an event first aid service and if it's just the crew in the vehicle we have an iPod pumped up loud as heck If no-one is unhappy/uncomfortable with music then I think it can really help.
  2. I'd say try and make it more than under an hour, you're going to want to teach ABC, bleeding, 911, probably CPR, safety and probably a bit more. Grab yourself a first aid book, and see what it has as it's major points. (sometimes theres a quick reference section for the important basic bits)
  3. I say yes, Let's say someone is lying on the side of the road bleeding, people standing around not knowing what to do, the patient lying on the ground wondering if they will be ok. The arrival of a professional in uniform, someone to control the situation will help put most people at ease, even if only a little. It doesn't matter what qualification, as aussiephil said, anyone can do your basic ABC, apply pressure (in the above example) until a crew arrives.
  4. Hey guys, Not sure if this is in the right forum, but here goes. How do YOU introduce yourself to patients, and what do YOU use as an icebreaker? Are there any lines you use almost all the time? e.g "I'm John Smith and I'll be your EMT for today?" etc... Do you start off with a joke? Renegade334
  5. I doubt it, VU being Victoria University... Oh well, i'll find out on friday!
  6. Can anyone tell me why there is a seperate VU paramedics stand at the Herald Sun career expo??? See Here: http://www.careerexpo.com.au/documents/2007FloorPlan_web.pdf
  7. Pinky Gizzard-Face... That was uncalled for.
  8. Mine was: "Can't-Remember-Where-the-Damn-Treasure's-Buried Guideon" lol Damnit, where'd i put that damn treasure?
  9. Like Tim, I'm 17 and I get this too, and HATE that people try not to swear or say 'naughty things' in front of us, members AND patients, EVEN when they are in massive pain... spend 5 minutes at my school, you think i can't handle a bit of swearing or sex related talk? I'm not encouraging swearing, but if it makes you you feel better when in pain, go the f**k ahead! All we ask is that you treat us as someone your own age!
  10. Lol, ok yeah that makes total sense... wait, you're not captivated by the rotary conference???
  11. Hmm, may as well put in my two cents... - Shears pouch with shears (duh), penlight, pen. (I used to have a mini maglight here as well but my shears pouch ripped so now it's in my kit.) - 1 or 2 pairs of gloves in pocket - Mobile phone - Sometimes Pocket Pc - Portable radio w/ mic - 2nd pen (I have horrible luck with pens) - Band aids (my most used item) - Notepad I think thats it, everything else is in the kit ---------- You have your iPod when your on duty? That looks a bit dodgy doesn't it? Unless you do what I do and use it over the vehicle's stereo when mobile t
  12. The MCG in Melbourne is the second safest public venue in the world to have a cardiac arrest. There is a 76% success rate and CPR has always been given within 2 minutes! (The safest public venue in the world is the O'Hare Airport in Chicago
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