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  1. WOW!!!! Shameless....
  2. I'm sorry? Did you really mean "guess"? Because if so, this is NOT the right line of work for you. Although there are two answers that seem right, one is always MORE correct than another. No guessing. Just knowledge. Have you been practicing for your practical as well? That's another area easy to foul up. Again, knowledge. Not just repitition. Please be sure this is what you have a PASSION for...not just something you WANT to do. You are talking about people's health and welfare where GUESSING is NOT the way to go!
  3. So - I must reply both as a mother of a severe asthmatic and an EMT-P. I was taught up to 3. My protocols and medical director didn't even include it on our rigs. Now, as a mom, I can tell you exactly what works for my son, and that is back to back nebs of albuterol and atrovent, given simultaneously. If he gets to a point that the albuterol isn't working, then obviously, he needs something else to kick in. As a mother who has called for assistance and been turfed, I understand the confusion. Most patients (or guardians of patients....) KNOW what works for their attacks - Although I
  4. Thanks, I needed a laugh...
  5. I think this is the main objective of the article - that once again we as a country were caught off guard by a disaster that has horrible fall out. At no point was this serious possibility considered. The mechanism was even called a "fail safe". I consider the oil companies to be egocentric and to have a slight god-complex. I think that President Obama was simply bringing forth a sad truth - that if we all live in our bubbles of "That will never happen to ME" then we will sadly be far behind most disasters and tragedies. Playing "catch-up" is never a great place to maneuver from. For
  6. As a married woman, I laughed cause it's TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. This is VERY different than what you do with the hands on portion. In our class, we wrote out our algorithm and became comfortable running through it from arrival to transport. Our scenarios always stated that the scene was safe, but don't forget that if needed!! An Example for a patient with Stable SVT (based on scenario and strip): Scene Safe Vitals Vagal Manuevers such as bearing down 6mg Adenosine IVP followed by 10ml saline flush If no response, 12mg Adenosine IVP followed by 10ml flush If no response, 12mg Adenosine IVP followed by 10ml flush Prepare pt and begin transpor
  8. Fuck. I hate mornings. HATE.

  9. Fuck. I hate mornings. HATE.

  10. Fuck. I hate mornings. HATE.

  11. My classes were the same way, from B to P. Speak up! Don't worry what others may think/say - this is about you being the best EMT you can be, and if that means she has to show you, then so be it. I know I am not the kind of person who figures things out from a diagram and a paragraph. Ask for time in your lab to "play". And don't be afraid to use that time, no matter how strange it might feel! Good luck!!!
  12. Ohhhhh.....I want those powers too! I must've missed em when I reached the "P"
  13. See, I have to think that this would be one of those moments you would want to err on the side of caution (did I get that right....) and stand clear. Electricity + me = NOT OK!! However, this quote from the article scares me a little: "This was below several recommended safety standards for leakage current". I don't believe ANY amount should meet safety standards for leakage of current. I may be crazy, but still...not OK with me. It's also important to note that this study, done by AHA, was not with real rescuers. The conclusion is not a definite change in current training, but rat
  14. Ummmmm. B*tch slap them? That is seriously not ok. This is looking like possibly a stroke, which they might have been able to ascertain had they done something as simple as take basic vital signs. Yeah. That slap is being warmed up right now...
  15. HAHA!!! That was the best thing I've read in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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