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  1. Looking for information based on European EMS... Need to know what standards, guidelines, acts, etc... that are/were used to come up with the current duty uniform. Looking for specifics on why certain colors were chosen, types of materials, etc... Example in Canada some departments may use NFPA 1999, CAN/CSA-Z96-02- High Visibility Safety Apparel, etc... Would appreciate links to PDF/Word docs... websites, etc... Thanks in advance. Bryan
  2. Thanks for the replies... lots of info to add to the pubmed searches and google Keep'em coming! B.
  3. I’m looking for some data for a research paper I’m doing for my Advanced Care Paramedic course. I’m looking for protocols, operating procedures/guidelines, etc... on OC/pepper spray calls for service. We’ve seen a huge spike with the gang bangers in our fine city using pepper spray against innocents and even law enforcement officers. Looking to find a better way of dealing with these patients. Would prefer not to transport as we have a problem with off load delays and a lack of resource issue here too. Any help you can send my way it would be appreciated. Would prefer links, Word or PDF doc
  4. Does anyone use the new Zoll E Series out there? Here in Winnipeg we're having concerns about the weight of the monitors... hard case, metal mounting bracket, and the monitor comes in at a whopping 29.5 lbs. Using Crestline Fleetmax units... combined with this monitor we're having a lot of ergonomic issues... already having Worker's Comp claims... and it's only been a week! Is anyone else there having similar experiences? Solutions? Thanks, B.
  5. We're finding with our new 2007 Chevy unit (manufactured by Crestline that the cabin seems tight... when seated it seems the door is riding right up against you... meaning if T-bone there is a serious risk for intrusion. The Ford chassis seemed to have some play... of several inches. Also the seats in the cabin seem to be off set from the rest of the vehicle... the Medic is looking out the top left of the windshield not the center of it. The pedals seem to off set as well... The rear end is higher making it difficult to load the stretcher. These concerns have come to the attentio
  6. STEINBACH ATTEMPTED MURDER / SUICIDE Steinbach, MB January 2, 2008 On January 1, 2008, at approximately 6:45 p.m. Steinbach RCMP responded to a complaint that a 20 year old male had been shot at a residence in Steinbach, Manitoba. While Police and Emergency Medical personnel where in the residence responding to the initial complaint, a second male subject (21 years of age), who was also present in the residence, obtained a firearm and fatally shot himself. The initial shooting victim was transported to the Steinbach Bethesda Hospital and subsequently Health Sciences Centre in Winnip
  7. Not enough ambulances on road: paramedics Updated at 6:33 PM By Bartley Kives Winnipeg's paramedic union claims the city doesn't have enough ambulances on the road to respond to an emergency on the scale of the St. Clements balloon crash, never mind a major crisis such as the Minneapolis bridge disaster. High call volumes and a shortage of available ambulances have crippled the city's ability to respond to serious crises, claims the Professional Paramedic Association of Winnipeg, much to the surprise of both the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service and politicians at City Hall. "Eve
  8. EMS may hold vote on strike By SHAWN LOGAN, SUN MEDIA Calgary's 400 paramedics appear to be headed towards a strike vote after union members voted yesterday whether to take job action in their labour dispute with the city. Bruce Robb, president of Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3421, was keeping the results of the membership vote on two questions close to the vest, but confirmed one question posed to members was whether to hold a strike vote. "We had a large turnout of members and received a very strong mandate," Robb said. Sources tell the Sun the paramedics' union is s
  9. Cops to join decal display By JOE WARMINGTON Toronto Police officers are standing with their firefighting and paramedic cousins and will also soon display Support our Troops decals, too. In a symbolic move, Toronto Police Association (TPA) president Dave Wilson placed the first yellow magnetic ribbon on a squad car in 33 Division last night. The troops will appreciate it, says Master Cpl. Jody Mitic, a Brampton native who is home from Afghanistan on medical leave after losing both legs from stepping on a landmine in January. "It means a lot to us," Mitic said. The TPA and Toro
  10. Cops to join decal display 'It means a lot to us,' wounded vet says By JOE WARMINGTON Toronto Police Association boss Dave Wilson places a yellow magnetic "Support Our Troops" ribbon on a cop car yesterday. The Sun is handing out 500 of the decals at our building, 333 King St. E., today. (Veronica Henri, Sun Media) Toronto Police officers are standing with their firefighting and paramedic cousins and will also soon display Support our Troops decals, too. In a symbolic move, Toronto Police Association (TPA) president Dave Wilson placed the first yellow magnetic ribbon on a squad
  11. Link to video: http://calgary.ctv.ca/servlet/RTGAMArticle.../calgary.ctv.ca Unsure how long the link will remain active. Looks like it's a Demers... On a side note Calgary purchased 51 of the new Demers MX-170s. B.
  12. Calgary EMS responds to a big problem DAWN WALTON From Thursday's Globe and Mail June 21, 2007 at 5:09 AM EDT CALGARY — In an effort to reduce both back-breaking work for paramedics and the humiliation of patients, a new ambulance specifically designed to accommodate people who weigh up to 1,000 pounds is about to hit the road in Calgary. The city's new "bariatric response team" to be announced today includes specially trained paramedics, an air-bag system to help move obese patients onto stretchers larger than standard size and a hydraulic lift system to slide patients into th
  13. More Calgary woes... http://www.emtcity.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=115415#115415
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