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  1. I ran out of tricks to mess with the new hires. Anyone have any good ideas??
  2. Im finishing up my NREMT-I 85 class in a couple days, and i need to scehdual my written to do the CBT. Im kinda nervous about taking the test cause my instructor is kinda too laid back. Does anyone have any helpful advise and or study links or practice tests??
  3. I cover a MX track and im only a basic, with alot of transition modules. Is there any online courses that i can take? To help me get better assessments done on the patients i see, alot of minor to major concussions and such things like that. If anyone has an idea's or helpful hints or tricks, feel free to email them to me. flame05154@yahoo.com
  4. Paramedics- Another way to say A pair of medics.
  5. In the state of NH, EMT-B's can preform combitubes, 12 leads, glucose monitoring, advanced spinal assessment (clearing of c-spine), Mark 1 Kits, Trach. Maintnece, Asprin Adminstration. The theory behind the 12 leads is that EMT-B's are usually the first ones on scene then meet up wit a medic enroute. So we dont need to know wat the strip says, as long as we can put it on and print out a strip for the incomming medic. Now i agree wit u guys 100%, having a bls provider put on a 12 lead and not being able to read it, or treat it is dumb, but in retro spact, being on scene we are more likley to get the crappy rythems, hten on the weay to or in the hospital.
  6. im just courius to see what other states EMT-B's can do 12 leads and blind intubation?
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