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  1. Well, my dad's neighbor is the one who introduced me to it but the problem with asking him about where to get training is that he lives in Pennsylvania and I live in north carolina. He got his dogs trained through a private group. That's in a big city though too. I'll have to head down to the PD and ask around. Thank you for the idea!
  2. yeah. Search and rescue dogs are a great help. well, they help with the searching and you have to do the rescuing of course but they can smell better than we can! My dad's neighbor has 4 S&R dogs. They have actually found people. It's really neat. He had my go out in to the woods, as far as I wanted to to. He asked me to back track a time or two. I went pretty far out and climbed a tree and the dog found me. It was awesome!
  3. I heard this on a radio station a few weeks back and I think it needs to be used. There was a paramedic who went to a really bad MVA, the pt. was unresponsive so he could not get any information on who to call. He spent a very long time trying to get in touch with someone. after about an hour he did reach someone. He came up with the idea that everyone needs to have an ICE phone number in their cell phones.... In Case of Emergency. All you have to do when you put the name in the phone, put ICE instead of a name. Heck put the name after ICE! Most sensible people put police and fire on speed
  4. when, between calls, you drive repeatedly past the fainting goat farm turning the sirens on at just the right time to make the day go by just a little quicker
  5. I live in wilkesboro NC (If any one knows where that is) and I have 2 dogs that I want to get into search and rescue, but I have no clue if there are any places around where they can be trained. Does any one know of a place near wilkes county where I can get these dogs trained?
  6. Wether you like him or not, that can make a person chuckle!
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