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  1. Thank you everyone, I appreciate all the comments. It is nice to know that the majority of EMS think positively of the folks who stop to help, before the emergency services arrive. And those who don't, I'm sure have their reasons. I know, that when I had my car accident, I wasn't jumping for joy, and really appreciated when the OPP got there within a few minutes of the call. And at the minor accidents that I came across, and the person was alone or a whole group in the car, even if not injured, they were still scared, and you could see the relief on their face, when they see someone is ther
  2. Those were my thought exactly. Thank you for confirming. I don't usually pull over if the emergency crews are on site, but will stop and ask if everyone is okay, need help, or to call 911, if the needed services are not present. If everything is good, I leave. With the wintery road conditions, we have a ton of cars in the ditches. One guy was on the phone with CAA, but had no idea where he was, "uh, in the ditch!!" so I just gave him the cross streets, and was on my way. Now this last Friday. I was going to work in the morning, when came across a 2 vehicle accident, both were in the ditch,
  3. There was a bit of a disagreement on this topic, so I'd love to hear your opinions on it. Q. When a car accident occurs, and someone who has some medical knowledge and training (Like an EMR, MFR) stops to help, to assist with what is needed, provided the actions are in his/her training/authorized ability to do so. EX. Keep a clear airway, hold manual C-Spine, CPR, protect from elements with blanket, update EMS, etc. If you were responding to this emergency. How do you feel, has this person done the right thing by stopping to help, or should s/he, who has the ability to help, just drive
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