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  1. Has anybody had any experience with the Lifepak 1 yet?
  2. So you are saying that the experience gained in the field as a basic does not play into medic school at all? Seeing procedures and skills performed and knowing why they are definitely gives you an edge up when you have to learn to do them yourself. Not to mention the drugs and their uses prior to learning them in school officially.
  3. I disagree with the first reply. I do agree that you should take full advantage of the EMT program while you are in High School. I do not agree with going straight to Paramedic School. If you have any opportunity to work or volunteer as an EMT do that. I have 3+ years experience as a basic and that has significantly helped me in medic school. The people in my class that do you have road experience constantly suffer and blame the fact that they are falling behind or don't understand something on their lack of field experience. They make us feel like it is our fault for having knowledge that the
  4. So three nurses are walking down the sidewalk and see a bottle on the ground. One of them picked it up and a genie came out. The genie told them that he would grant 1 wish for each of them. The first nurse wished to be 10 times smarter than the smartest nurse. The second nurse wished to be 40 times smarter than the smartest nurse. The third one wished to be 100 times smarter than the smarter nurse, and then the genie said, "so you want to be a Paramedic?"
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