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  1. and the fact there will be a person or PERSONS in any one of the situations you mentioned...single room establishments or multi roomed ones the fact still remains there is some in there with a gun that is bent on killing or injuring people....so again what good is an ambo that has been shot to the other people that also have had this fate..........
  2. the bad guy is going to have a shot at anyone he sees even more so if it is some one in uniform.....don't matter what uniform...... even worse if the attending paramedic is wearing a POLICE ballistic vest wouldn't the BIG WORD of POLICE written in BRIGHT WHITE letters be sort of a TARGET the reason we get told to stay outside and wait for the scene to be cleared is a damn good one NO ONE can get saved if the attending paramedic cops one........... the cops are the ones that are paid to do the risky stuff.......it is a fact of life in a terrible situation like this people DIE....not good if more people are put at risk than need to be.....
  3. gawd......be funny if it wasn't.... 1: the person giving it 2: anyone else in attendance 3: the patient...... otherwise it would be hilarious to watch the antics when it all takes effect....
  4. Here in nsw. We have the combi style kids seat...it goes from a baby capsule to one that fits a kit of 4 or 5 as a seat. The ambulance stretchers have dedicated mounting points for the correct and approved mounts for the seats.
  5. no clearly an oxygen thief......
  6. Allergic to it?......check closely and you will find the person that told you that is probably an Oxygen thief Bushy.......
  7. yr So what treatment does the Dr or paramedics give in an anaphylaxis stiuation? Seeing that she us allergic to the most common treatment...
  8. I wonder, did they get a group discount for the angiogram and the stent/ bypass
  9. what Aussie paramedic exam? do some research and you will find there is none to beemployed as a paramedic in Australia, you either have to be employed by a state authority (as in ambulance service) or a contracted private provider (non emergency as in a 911) and have degree in prehosptal care/ paramedical studies good luck with your search
  10. Does yhe student get all the answers required from the patient? Has she missed vital questions or just 'got them out of order'? The OP didnt say she missed them, just that she asked questions at inappropriate times. In whose mind did this happen in, her ONLY preceptor? Maybe the way she covers her payient questioning is the way she feels comfirtable doing it and getting things formulated in her mind. If she gets the required answers to allow correct treatment of the patients condition, wheres the probl er m? Howevere if she does not get the required information or her questioning delays definative treatment....well there's a problem Excuse the spelling and typo's small keyboard on the smart phone and early start to the morning....
  11. Malteasers with beer.....thats the problem with you mexicans (aussie joke here).....no taste......it was you guys that introduced the world to Fosters.....(YUK) but crack me a tinny, as i want to join and watch this one from the side line.....looks like fun..........
  12. Ahhhh the ultimate form of restraint...was it you crash tackling or their AVO's...........;D
  13. you don't?.......what did they teach you at uni in Bathurst? better still didn't you listen when you visited us?......cheers bushman
  14. Well you get what you pay for...........quick and cheap normally is.......
  15. In bushys defence.........yep I am backing you on this brother....here in the great land of Oz...we as paramedics can and have legal right to restrain patients in 'our care' being with physical, chemical restaints or both. If the person is now ' compliant' ask them do they mind having them on for safety.....stating that the alternative is much worse...(a big cop sitting on them and being hand cuffed) if things go belly up.. if they are having an eipisode and require ambulance transport well then no issue...restain them then and there, or transport in the paddy waggon. Pateints in a physcosis or extreemly agitated state will not be all nice and easy and the paramount is MYPARTNER AND MY SAFETY... not the feelings of the supposed nutter in our care (term is tongue in cheek).
  16. IMIST AMBO TRAUMA. MEDICAL. Identification Identification (Pt's name & age etc.) Mechanism of injury Medical complaint Injuries. Information relative to complaint Signs & symptoms. Signs & symptoms Treatments & trends. Treatments & trends Allergies. Allergies Medications. Medications Background. Background Other issues. Other issues
  17. The fact you state "this time you are going to focus and study a lot more" relays to me that you were either not serious or thought it was going to be an easy task the first two times........ Whilst being an emt-b in the states is a lot easier than here, you still need to put the effort in....don't be complacent, do the study, check out more sites to prepare.....ask for assistance.......his is up to you, no one will give you the qualification you seek if you don't show you have worked for it Good luck
  18. As a hard working paramedic ......money and sex....will I don't get enough of either..........lol
  19. You should be able to to go the web site and they should be there to down load bushy.........just been informed that the update is being released in the next couple of weeks
  20. Not cva's. Bit hard with out the aid of a CT to rule out heamorragic causes We are doing the FAST protocol to go directly (allowing us to bypass at our discretion) to a centre that can CT and thrombolyse for strokes But we are doing thrombolytics on AMI's
  21. "Well...it's got me buggered.........." "Seeing you won't be using that "xxxxx" from now on, how much will you sell it for?........" "What do I do with little piece that is left?" "Do you think this will fit in that small size of an area?" When placing an IV..........."just a little prick with a needle..."............and most times it is ....lol
  22. Do they make walker pants that have to carry half the contents of your ambulance? Do the same pants have lights that flash on them as well? Gee if they have to left sided friendly, maybe you should move to England or down under....then it will be on the correct side......... Isn't that what our kit bags re for....to carry all that gear?
  23. craig

    Hi all

    Welcome ash, gods country down under here....just watch out for toto will you......
  24. thanks Kaisu You must have pretty thin skin All I said in my post was that I agreed with my mate from NZ I have no problem with anyone doing things to better themselves or for better patient outcomes....however as kiwi stated current standards state that unstable wide QRS get the electrical treatment. In no way do I think that paramedics that just "run on protocols alone" and either don't want to or refuse to further their outlook and understanding a detriment to our profession. At this current moment, the standing is electrical is used for unstable wide QRS....hanging around on scene doing things that are not required seems a little silly if you are talking about better patient outcomes. Also if you do this at a scene with a stable patient, and them take them to the hospital, what do you tell the doctor..."ahh we did this.....and we found this....so the patient must have this........" what will most ER doctors think about you as a paramedic then.....that's his role for that ...think he might think this upstart paramedic might be over stepping the mark. Saying that I am all for further advancement of trading, skills and understanding of A&P
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