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  1. Do you still have these old uniforms? I have a rather large collection of EMS stuff and would love to add them to my collection. Here's a link to my Facebook album of some of my collection. https://www.facebook.com/dan.gilmore.14/media_set?set=a.2200112478907.2127024.1130136238&type=3
  2. ptfd121


    My 1973 Dodge/Horton ambulance with F&B Ambulance decals.
  3. ptfd121


    The prorotype for the Segar splint given to me by Tom Parr of PARR Medical Products
  4. This stretcher was designed by Tom Parr of PARR Medical Products. It was manufactured by Ferno and was designed to take the place of the matress pad on the Ferno Model 30 cot. It could be folded into a stair chair and had two rails that would fold out to hold a Thumper. I was given this by Tom Parr, who said that he decided against manufacturing these due to concerns over liability.
  5. ptfd121

    1973 Horton/Dodge

    I bought this last year at the Ross County Ohio surplus auction.
  6. Ah geeze! Let me know when the defibrillate someone in water while doing a handstand on the paddles, I'll be watching Emergency! on DVD instead of this madness.
  7. The guy I spoke with at Chippewa said they had also used it for a rehab truck. It would have been even better with air conditioning!
  8. I had contacted Chippewa about this truck. They did use it as a light rescue, but it was set up as an ambulance before they got it (they bought it used). The fellow I talked to said they may have transported a very small number of patients in it. The interior is prepiped for O2 with 4 outlets for flowmeters. The flowmeter fittings use what appears to be an quick connect for airlines only shorter. There is also a compartment on the outside for a large o2 tank with piping connecting to the flowmeter mounts. It also appears to have had a Rico suction unit at one time because the mount is still in it. I know that New York City used a few of these back in the early 70's
  9. Thanks! I posted the pictures in the gallery under the ambulance section.
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