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  1. It is a bit disturbing, more so because the doc approved a procedure he wasn't sure of than that the medic was using slang (perhaps that's normal to use slang in their area). Kindof shows a lack of a "give-a-crap" attitude on the docs part.
  2. We have a subscription service. I don't see more frequent flyers due to it. What I do find is people are concerned that if they can't pay for their subscription, they won't get an ambulance when they need it.
  3. Ah Michael, you are an interesting individual to be sure. Again, you miss the point entirely. AK has outright said that certain firearms should be banned because he simply does not like them. This is not him saying "I don't like firearm X". It's him advocating action. Whether he has the ability to carry out any massive, legislation changing action or not is far from the issue here. He has stated, in no uncertain terms, that if given the opportunity he would force his will upon the masses because he "feels" that's the way it should be, facts be damned. That an obviously educated and intelligent person can justify this disturbs me greatly. I was enjoying our exchange very much, but your little "dude" comments take away from your generally well written replies. They imply a personal anger towards me and this, after all, is just a friendly debate. re: abortion Perhaps not the best choice for me to justify my position, I agree. Don't presume to know why I'm not a fan but would never say it should be banned, tho'.
  4. Are you kidding me? Did you read my post? I'm talking about AK supporting the banning of certain types of weapons because he "feels" they are bad. Whether I read his posts or not, it does not change the fact that he would most likely support legislation to ban "assault weapons". I would never support legislation to force people to own firearms, why should I not be disturbed when someone claims to support stopping me from owning them? I realize that things are not as black/white as I once thought. Nice try. AK has stated unequivocally that certain types of firearms should be banned. That's not simply stating that you think certain things are "bad"....it's stating you support pushing your ideals on others who don't agree with you. I may not agree with abortion, but I don't make statements that it should be outlawed. I may not agree with organized religion, but I don't call for the banning of churches.
  5. Dude, did you miss this statement? Sounds to me like he's going to vote to ban firearms that he finds offensive, if afforded the opportunity. Perhaps I'm being a bit assumptive, but I doubt it.
  6. Ahhh...a few minutes of quiet to post here in the city. I'm going to make an attempt to address the posts made by both Michael and AK. Let's see how I do. Hey now! No need to get snippy. I have, in fact, read the entire thread and had done so before penning my entry. I'm an engineer in real life, so reading for comprehension is a prerequisite. Here's where my issue comes in with what you've written AK: You are entitled to your opinions/views, but once you start demanding legislation based on personal bias, that's where I have a problem. Now it's no longer just your opinion...you're forcing others to conform to what you consider right. You can think what you want, be as prejudiced as you want, whatever, just don't push your views on me. Glad you liked my statement (and it sounds like our views on organized religion are pretty close), but it just bewilders me all the more at your position that it's ok to ban/regulate "assault weapons" because you "feel" they are bad. This is America, land of want, not need. Why do we need "assault weapons"? We probably don't. I guaranty that I can dispatch anyone out to 4-500 yards with my scoped hunting rifle with one shot, no problem (try that with your average AK-47). The problem lies in the "give 'em an inch and they'll take a yard" mentality. When a type of firearm is banned, it opens the door for the radical antigun groups. Most antigun groups out there have stated openly that their ultimate goal is to ban private ownership of ALL firearms. BTW, how much stuff do we really "need"? Do we need 4wd V8 gas guzzlers to drive around the city? Do we need fur coats, Oakley sunglasses, North Face jackets, mocha lattes, 50" HDTVs, surround sound or the latest cell phone? 99% of the "stuff" we have is based on want, not need. Before I reached the point of recognizing my emotional responses for what they were, I was like AK; calling for legislation, telling others I'd never change, etc. I was SO convinced that I was right and everyone should feel as I do! Feeling I was right wasn't the issue....trying to force others to my side of the fence was. What I do now is present well thought out and verifiable arguments and let others use my information to formulate their opinions. If all I have to support my position is my "gut", then I don't discuss it. There are two subjects that I never discuss at family functions; politics and religion. I've found both are chuck full of emotional tripe and can ruin a good time in short order. Seemingly intelligent people turn into raving lunatics whenever either of these subjects are broached. As I stated, there is nothing disgraceful about having prejudices. Stating that you will make every effort to force others to your side based on nothing but those prejudices is, however, disgraceful.
  7. Wow, didn't realize I'd draw the response I did with my post! All of you deserve responses, but it is late and I'm a bit tired so I promise to sit down and pen something worthwhile tomorrow..ok? I need time to digest everything...
  8. Why not? People use their kids in car seats to try to steal stuff all the time ("hide it under the baby! No one will look there"). Never underestimate the depravity of the human race.
  9. A silly grin (or four/five in a row) does not a defensible position make. The older I get the more I put aside my preconceived notions, emotional responses, etc, and I look for facts and concrete arguments to back my stance. Saying you back a certain position because it's just how you "feel" is way too simplistic for educated discussions. Face to face I could overlook such things due to the personal nature of such encounters, but that is not the case with the written word. Writing affords us endless opportunity to research and defend our spot. To refuse to accept any input that does not agree with our emotional state is just disgraceful and myopic.
  10. Another fine example of our litigious society. Why put in an honest days work for your money when you can sue your way to riches? Nothing stokes my coals more than someone who talks about how they would sue the bejeesus out of anyone for anything so they could retire fat, dumb and happy. How about you earn yer damn keep, jackass?
  11. Ballistically they are two different rounds with the 30-06 being the more powerful of the two. I'd rather be shot by the AK. Lessee 220grain bullet at 2800fps or 125grain bullet at 2300fps? Kinetic Energy = 1/2(Mass*velocity^2). You do the math. Anyone who claims so called "assault rifles" are more dangerous than other types of firearms isn't interested in being bothered with silly "facts".
  12. As a gun owner, firearms instructor and homeowner, I have to say there is no excuse for firing through the front door. Going to the gun should be the LAST resort after all other security measures have failed. This person was inside their home and armed and yet felt it was necessary to fire at someone outside the home and unarmed? I'll be interested to hear the exact circumstances, but even if they were in fear for their life from a previous bad encounter, there is no justification for what they have done.
  13. If he exposed her when it wasn't necessary, then he wasn't sued for doing CPR; he was sued for inappropriate sexual behavior. A quick Google search reveals no news articles.
  14. jsadin

    Field XRays?

    1X10-13 Torr? No problem on our FD run bambilance...
  15. jsadin

    Field XRays?

    I'd like to know the vacuum levels and exactly how much gamma radiation is being emitted. If we're talking pulling a vacuum of 1X10-5 or greater, you better figure out where to put a roughing pump, foreline pump and a diffusion pump or ion pump (I wouldn't want to try to run a turbo pump, mag-lev or not, in a moving ambulance - good way to destroy $10k).
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