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    All evidence continues to support taking full droplet precautions with suspected COVID patients. This one's the real deal. The numbers out of Italy tell the story as to what will happen if we don't take this seriously soon enough. My service switched our sick leave (75% pay) to general leave with pay (100% pay) to discourage employees from potentially infecting colleagues.
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    Good luck to you sir. I work flight in British Columbia, Canada and love the job. The US air ambulance safety record scares the living daylights out of me. Enough so I wouldn't be willing to work air ambulance in the US.
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    Hey XRayMan, I hear where you are coming from but I'm not of the school of thought that we should have these in the ambulance. My reason, it's more stuff to put on a already overworked medic. Splint the injury as found, transport the patient to the hospital and let the hospital sort it out. I already have enough to do and enough to learn to not have to add X-ray tech/reader to my list of certs. Plus this will add a new level of billing and expertise that EMS is NOT equipped to tackle at this time. Heck we have enough time dealing with being called ambulance drivers, can you imagine our brains exploding when we get called ambulance xray machine drivers? Some of our peeps on this site (most are gone) would have a stroke and then we'd have to call the Strokulance to come get them. Who will get to bill the patient - the ambulance company, the medic who reads the x-ray initially, or the radiologist who does the final reading or all three? Is this an ALS or BLS skill? What happens if we read it wrong and the patient refuses based upon the incorrect reading and several days down the road the patient finds out that they have a actual fracture and needs surgery? who pays for the mis diagnoses? Lots of issues here. I vote NO
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    Hello all I am jay and I’m a medic in ny in a busy municipality. And I have a question that I would like to pose to those who probably know more than me. I have been a medic for 3 years. And my question is do we have to transport a pt if it’s not an emergency. Or we deem it to not be an emergency. Are ems providers legally obligated to transport a pt if it’s a bs call. A little background is probably needed. We are a combo paid/volunteer agency. We only do 911. And we get probably 80-90% calls that don’t require an ambulance. Mostly from doctors offices for people who have trouble breathing or chest pain going on for months. Nothing acute. No distress and completely stable. And the town we are in is small most of these offices are less than 5 minutes from the hospital. I am curious if it’s legally appropriate to tell them they don’t need an ambulance and then have them transport via private vehicle. Or taxi,Uber,lyft. If any of you have any insight I’d greatly appreciate it. To be honest I’m not keen on making people do this. But we are overwhelmed and understaffed. And it affects the care of people who need a ambulance in a real emergency. So any help would be good. Thanks again and take care. Safe tour and silent pagers.
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    Not new to the site just decided to make a new account because I haven't discussed this with anyone yet. I'm strongly considering a Change in careers. I'm currently a firefighter paramedic and worked as a firefighter emt prior to that. I'm young in my mid 20s, but I got hired very young. I used to love my job and couldn't believe I got paid to go to work; however lately it's really caused me a lot of anxiety and depression. From pediatric codes to burnt out partners I've hit a rough patch and I'm not completely convinced that i want to continue this job for 30 more years. I work in a very busy area. I'm considering moving south and attempting to get on a department that does not transport. I'm torn because I do like being a paramedic and I'm affraid I'll miss it. I graduated top of my class in the academy and have a strong resume. Kinda just lost at the moment. I've found myself jealous of friends that work the normal 9-5 and leave work at work. Anyone else gone through a similar thing during their career? Am I crazy to consider selling the house and moving somewhere cheaper and more relaxed? Should I consider leaving EMS in general for a different career path?
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    I would be worried but not extremely worried. I would actually not be asking advice from a forum like this or from the internet at all, you should be talking to an attorney and seeing what he/she says. Good reputable attorney's often give 1 hour free consultations. Or do you have a friend who is an attorney who could advise you. I would continue on with your journey into Nursing or phsycianhood and follow what your attorney tells you to. The internet is a minefield of bad advice and please don't step into it without getting an attorney involved. did the investigator tell you why it's taken 2 years for them to get into this? This sounds like someone from your past is throwing stones and trying to see what will hit. did you have someone you pissed off way back at your old school that might have a old axe to grind??? Be honest with the investigator but only after you speak with the attorney. Do you see the underlying theme of my advice - don't do anything until you have talked to your attorney. I wish you the best.
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    Yeah, I'm taking a video refresher course by Jon Puryear - learning a lot - I guess that's why they call it a refresher right. Just took ACLS last week - learned some good stuff Taking PHTLS wed and thusday of this week PALS soon Start date would be May 15th as that's the next orientation date. I should be all certed up by then. It also gives me time to keep working my part time consulting project and get some money to buy my EMS Gear that I'm going to need. nervous but ready.
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    I had to respond, I think it's a record in thread resurrections. And Shitty advice to begin with from the original Necromancer.
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    @paramedicmike , I do not disagree with you. But how does the process get started? If we require new EMTs to have degrees or to attend programs that require substantially more education and course work the industry risks a decline in new EMTs entering the profession. In many areas, there is a shortage of EMTs already. Thoughts?
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    Oh here we go on this site. It's all over facebook - truly strong feelings about this subject. Let's keep it civil and factually appropriate - no emotions please. That's what has derailed most of the facebook threads - emotions and emotions don't make facts.
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    I love that last line..."waiting to take a bite out of you, taking everything you have and giving nothing back." That is absolutely true.
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    Tough problem but you are young and have time to work it out. Decide what is most important to you and your family and develop a strategy to improve your situation. The strategy may involve moving to a different area or gaining a new level of education and moving to a new career. Many years ago, I was an athletic trainer in the NFL and many thought I had it made but I was bored. I switched careers and went into nursing and the nurse anesthesia and couldn't be happier. I have lunch on occasion with some athletic trainer friends and they complain of low pay and long hours and I think: "Boy, isn't it nice to get time and a half for anything over 40 hours!" Point is, nobody can tell you what to do or how to do it. Figure out what you are passionate about and then pursue that dream. You may have some rocky moments but the end result will be worthwhile. Good luck. Spock May the tube (and future) be with you.
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    Brother/Sister, I have done that. It's liberating but was terrifying at the time I did it. I left EMS for IT consulting and I was scared whitless. I remained at my EMS job part time but in the end, I mostly retired and have not been happier. Have you thought about finding work with a smaller rural service that is less busy yet provides patient care/transport/benefits of a small service? Sometimes a break is all you need. 6 months to do something different. Do you have the means just to travel the country? Trust me, EMS will not die without you working in it for a year or so!!!
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    We rolled on a drunk in public. Basically a "you go with the police or to the hospital case". When I tried to put a n/c on this guy, he swung at me so we restrained him for transport. When we got to the hospital, I was waiting with him, while my partner found out which bed he was going to and then he realized that I was a girl and decided to flirt with me by saying that he was so strong that he could get free from the restraints. He pulled and pulled on the wrist restraints until his dislodged the IV that the fire medics had placed and his blood went everywhere and of course he did not get himself free from the restraints! hahaha Patients can be really hilarious and I am looking forward to any really funny stories that anyone has.
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    I am writing this in hope of feedback, I have a nephew that has passed the EMT class, he passed his practicals.. The problem now comes with the actual National Registry test. He has failed 4 times, the kid does legitimately have a learning disability and qualifies for special accommodations . As I am helping him fill out the papers I am not sure what to request. Other than more time maybe ? This is really heartbreaking to my family he worked so hard and knows the material, he just does not test good.. Thank You
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    Thing about burnout is.. its a smoldering fire yearning to become a flashover. You may not notice it until you are in it, and by then you are helpless to stop it. You should take a break and by break I mean do something else for 5-10 years, and if you still want to do this, it will still be there. It will always be there, waiting to take a bite out of you, taking everything you have and giving nothing back.
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    I agree with Ruff, Sometimes all you need is a break.This job can take a big toll on all of us at times. It'll all work out in the end. Perhaps maybe finding another option that you can see yourself doing for the long term while volunteering. Just another suggestion.
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