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    Ok, it sounds like your service sucks and doesn't care for quality medics, it doesn't cultivate medics and when mistakes are made they do not look to the reasons why they are made they just cut and run. I've been there, I truly have. I can say for the two places Ive been in this situation, I was truly better off without that place and I've truly become a better person and medic for the situation. I also know that my last position, non-medic I am definately better off. To quote myself FUCK em. I do feel your pain
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    Well my heart breaks for you. I was sourly disappointed to read this. What about becoming a dispatcher? It helps to have the EMT background. Just a thought.
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    Wish I could say something to take away your fears but I can't. But you have 2 choices live with pain or live without pain. good luck and please let us all know how your recovery is
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    I have been a volley emtnfor 25years but I have a good story for you. I am in the prossess of making a novel out of all my stories the past 25yrs. But this one brings homes lots of things being a mom,being a dad, being a kid caught in the struggles between mom and dad. Caught between mom,dad, and the government. Mom needing a restraning order and the day she does she no longer needs it. I was dispatched to a resident whom I knew for bleeding. I quick respond out there. My partner and I are met down the road by our local police dept. He rook me in his cop car carrying the o2bag and the jump bag. He says the guy that shot he is still watching the scene wanting too shoot the people that are coming to help her. I'm like really? Then what's the plan he says ok Anna the girl was grabbed by her ponytail turned to face the one big glass door that he thought the kids would be looking out. Held her there and turned her to face the door and shot her in the back of her head. He just let he drop there and came out looked into the window pointed the gun and laughed and then left. The older boy called 911 and told that story. The cop says to u get out of my car and get down right away onto ur belly when we pull up. Il crawl over to u and I will lay onto of u to cover u. We tied the oxygen,jump bag to a rope and then tied it to us so it was pulled behind us to keep our hands free. We crawled up a long damp dirt road to where she was. Then I needed to stay on my belly with him onto of me while I put her onto a long board collar and blocks. I had a cop onto of me two standing by my head one on each side,two down at my feet. They were kneeling down looking into the woods for any movement. I tied the longboard to another rope and climbed onto her to keep her breathing with a policeman on me. If u ever think something is hard to do lying down like just putting oxygen on someone try it with a cop laying on you and being scared he's gonna get shop because he's protecting me. What a weird feeling that he may died to keep me safe. We got the pt to the rig and drove her to the helicopter but she later died. The swat went out looking for that gunman they found him dead in the woods right behind where he killed 3young beautiful kids. So sad. That is a call that I will never remember but also I went through every emotion know to man. But me and that policeman have a special relationship with him. What ever time the young mom had left I gave her comfort as best as I could with her ex trying to kill me for help her but I gave her compassion. That to me is what bein an EMT is all about compassion. Once in a life time call, life changing call.
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    . So what fun would that be ? Question is momx5 that if your not working in EMS why don't you give it a try, at least then you will have more than enough "stories" to tell that are your own. cheers
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    Hey folks beleive it or not, I live 30 minutes away from these guys. they just showed up on the radar one day. No one in my city even heard of these guys until they were arested. Went to school with Andy the FBI guy in charge. All in all they were planning to kill the police then set off IED's during the funeral. Free spech has nothing to do with it. they tried to buy explosives abd learn how to make bombs. Buch of nuts end of story.
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