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    I am alive. Have traveled to the Four Corners of the Globe and back...have done a million things most only dream about (nightmares included). Got lost in it all, had some setbacks, challenges, lawsuits, PTSD, mid-life crisis, therapy, revaluation of all things important and redesigning my life going forward. I REALLY need to get busy writing my book....would make a great screen play as well, has everything a good action/drama needs and then some. Bought a part time home in a very rural area, still flip flop between FL and my new home. Took a per diem job where nobody knows me just so I can be "on the ambo" again. Started two new companies and doing government work. Talked with Dust's mom recently via FB...was purging some old picture folders and I ran across a bunch from the FIRST and ONLY EMT City Meet Up in Orlando...she had never seen them so I shared with her. Blog time? Hey everyone...
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    You know, I've only dropped one patient too, The one patient who asked if she could keep my pen, Old bic pin, she was going in for a medication check, I said sure, you can have my pen, I then walked in front of her, my partner in back of me. She took the pen and proceeded to imbed the pen in my jacket and then 1/2 inch into the flesh of my back. That was the only patient I ever dropped with a left hook to the right temple. And then my partner and I sat on her until the police got to us. I have a nice little round permanent puncture wound to my right scapula area, blood was everywhere. Got treated as a trauma patient until they could rule out whether the pen punctured my chest wall. DAMN that pen hurt when it went in my back. Patient was deemed a mental case and was never charged. Yeah yeah yeah, before you say it, I learned a couple of valuable lessons, 1. Coats don't stop bic pens 2. Don't walk in front of your patients, EVER 3. Don't ever give your patients your pen 4. Trauma activations are NOT Fun, Really doc(trauma resident), you want to do a rectal for sphincter tone - nah I'll pass(do you have something to tell me Dr. Takei). He reluctantly agreed. 5. If you need a couple of days off, let your patients stab you with the bic pens you let them have. 6. Make sure your patient stabs you and then you knock them down and make sure it's on video. She claimed I hit her and then she stabbed me. Thank God it was on video in the Hospital ambulance bay and the security guards were watching us bring her inside. We had a few witnesses. 7. Don't pull the pen out, if you do, you get a trauma activation, had we have left it in, they would have know it was only in a half inch.
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    So...Admin..... when are you going to let us know what your "other" screen name is
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    It is nice to see all the old faces. Perhaps now is the time for the students to become the teachers. There are plenty of new providers that need the wisdom that you all have gained over the years. Stick around. Make this your home again. Post something interesting and welcome the rebuttals and questions. Engage in others and make them think, and let them return the favor. EMT City has been around for a long time and it is because of the members like you that we are still here. I thank you for that and I look forward to seeing your posts.
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