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    I was in Iraq multiple times and on multiple occasions we were attacked by people that walked past us. There are no uniforms, no lines. It's a bad situation made worse by a mad man with chemical weapons. Since I got booted medically I've had to watch cities I fought in fall to evil hands and watch my brothers go and take them back. It leaves a bitter taste. This situation will put us in a bad spot, meaning there is no real win, but there is a defend the weak. If we send ground troops the leash better be off.
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    Hi. Although politics are not for everyone, this area was designed for those that want to discuss politics and other items not EMS related. Many of the members here have other interests besides EMS and what better place to discuss them than with people you already know from other discussions. I welcome you to join in or perhaps find a different topics that you enjoy and post.
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    Hmmm... my spidey sense is tingling.
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    Count me in. I'll put my EMS hat back on.
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    I think that's totally irrelevant to this website, and politics are best left off of here.
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    Just noted the typo, should read as "I don't know".
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    I'll try as best I can. Question away, as the worst I can give ya is "I don't".
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    Post your questions...I am sure people will respond. At least I probably will respond.
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