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    Mike, if you would like to have an adult conversation I am willing to engage in one with you, but this underlying negative tone is making it difficult. I was looking at the video and responding from the view of if the transmission should be made or not. That was the basis of my response and link. Looking at it from the perspective of did the recorder and poster create a HIPAA liability, it depends. Does the person work for the the same agency and is that agency a covered entity? If the answer is yes, there may be a liability. If the person does not have a HIPAA connection to the patient, then I don't think there is a HIPAA issue. If there is not connection to the patient through employment or affiliation, then this is not any different than a person video taping the call from the side of the road and uploading it to youtube. Is it morally wrong, yes. I don't think anyone here is questioning that.
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