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    Had a call on a woman who was sick. On arrival found a woman who had AMA'd out of a psych facility. She had taken her motorized wheelchair and travelled about 8 miles on her fully charged battery. By the time she got to where we picked her up her wheelchair was dead dead dead. We put her on the cot and into the ambulance and she asked about her wheelchair and we told her we didn't have any way of transporting it. So sh,e made us wait 45 minutes until her boyfriend got to the scene with a nice big pick up truck to transport her wheelchair to the psych facility. He refused to put her in the truck and was going to make us take her. An argument ensued when I told him that she didn't qualify for ambulance transport and it would not be paid for if she didn't go with her boyfriend. He still refused to take her,said that she was our responsibility. She then broke up with him right there and he then proceeded to push her wheelchair out of the back of his pickup truck, back over it, and then drive off. So now we have a pissed off psych patient, a totalled wheelchair and a patient who doesn't qualify to go by ambulance. We end up taking her back to the psych facility and dropped her off. The service got no money out of this call, the woman billed us for the damaged wheelchair, they paid the bill to her, and I got a talking to because I apparantly couldn't control the scene. I soon left that service because of assholes that ran that service micromanaging crews.
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    Cleaning equipment, wow that is old school. I remember those days. The bloody cervical collar with the porous foam was good to go once you hit it with peroxide. My old VAC is building a new headquarters and found a bunch of old stuff laying around. They've been putting pics of the stuff online. http://shirleyambulance.smugmug.com/History/Equipment/37971131_Lgk3Pm#!i=3136145531&k=pBzdBWL
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    Welcome brother...it's exciting to have you! I only know one German..my dentist. I was scared shitless to go to her, being a child of the World War propaganda, (Germans are cold, and mechanical, unkind) but had no choice when my mother called her for me when I had a terrible toothache. She called my cell and said, "Are you on your way then?" I said, "Now??" She said, "Of course. Hurry now." When I showed up the office was packed with people! A girl took me back to an office where they were taking a lady out of the chair that I later discovered was having her teeth cleaned. I protested that I was perfectly capable of waiting my turn, to which she said, "In Germany now one sits in pain while a healthy person gets care just because they came out of order..that is an American concept..." I now really, really love my German dentist... I look forward to your thoughts! Dwayne
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