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    Just my point of view, more or less from inside: We're dealing with refugees from Syria and other countries at a daily basis as Germany is as well a main European target for their getaway and a main transit country to other european nations. I live in close relation to the south-eastern borders (just an hour away), had helped building shelters, organized food logistics and am one of those responsible to organize EMS upgrades (i.e. additional ambulance stationing) due to the situation. I have access to the daily reports from our central communication and information center organizing the first shelter areas and transport logistics at the borders. At the moment, there are more than 5'000 refugees per day crossing our borders, far more still at the gate. Volunteers and paid helpers including police and military do a hell of a work to meet the needs of them. Families, females and males, unaccompanied young people from all ages, newly born (actually several births in our shelters or in trains) up to senior level (allthough rarely far over 50 years old) had a rough time to get here. I know stories from their decision to flee, including seeing or beeing target of barbarous cruelty, leaving relatives and property behind, to crossing the mediterrean sea by totally unsuitable boats up to wandering through countries they don't understand and which are more or less hostile or totally overextended in their capability of help at best. Fact 1: they need immedeate help. Fact 2: they don't want to flee, they're forced. Fact 3: if there is peace for them and their families in their home countries, they would be happy to get back. It's not a Middle-East or European problem, it's a humanitarian task for all of us, globally! The organization that called itself "Islamic State" is just some fascist entity with a fake religious motivation, bringing hate and harm to humans. This has to be stopped! But while politicians sort things out how to do that, there are humans, women, men, children who need help. Talking about 10'000 or 25'000 people is a joke. That's what we do in a few days. Week per week, month per month. I recently checked our state wide logbook, the first entry is from October 2014, when the first camp was built and the event starts to be coordinated by a central body. Over a year ago now! Still now politicians talk about "coordinating the refugee wave" (hell, it's already become a normal state for all those working on it). Still now politicians talk about what has to be done to stop this. Unfortunately, a lot of them talk about building just more fences. A good question I heard in a talkshow was: "If you build fences, do you care for the bodies that will pile up before them?" (followed by silence for a few minutes). I'm glad that the UN conference last weekend obviously had some outcome: cutting finance flow for IS and building up a joint effort fight the cause. Refugees are "just" a symptom, which makes them not less important. For those who think refugees are a direct terrorist threat, please answer just a short quiz what you would do as a terrorist wanting to enter a country: You will take a stressful route through land & mountains, enter a inappropirate rubber boat to cross the mediterrean see with a high probability to sink, stay in refugee camps where all other people will hate you because you are the cause of their trouble, then getting away from police registration with nothing more on you than your clothes and your knapsack, just for joining a terror cell after your 2 week walk (I know refugees who needed a year) ORYou will take the money from drug trade and stolen property, buy a fake passport, enter a comfortable airplane or rent a fine middle class car, then traveling to your destination in a relaxed state of mind just as a normal tourist would do.Option 1 or 2? For me, it's pretty clear. As of now, the story about the terrorist in Paris who has entered by a refugee route seems to be fake (fake passport/identity theft). I can't rule that out, especially when young refugees experience a hostile environment in their country of destination - and yes, they sure are vulnerable to fascist indoctrination. Just as anyone else - remember, we in Germany have learnt a lesson there... I know a bunch of young males here in my village ("unattended underaged refugees", actually from 13 to 18 years old) who are very ambitious in learning the language of their new country, wanting to get a job and are integrated in the local sports community (actually ~8 of them attending training in the local football team). They have all a past, I wouldn't wish to my child, never. Yet, they are more or less happy, cheerful kicking the ball on the local training ground, which is just a few streets away from my home. Seems it works, at least a bit, to give them hope. The final solution will be difficult: bombing and/or sending ground troops won't help, it just would heat up the conflict, give more justification to IS and hit innocent civilians. Personally, I don't see a military solution to a multi-facet problem. I don't know how and when it will be solved, but I sincerely hope, it will get done. As long as politicians sort that out, we have to care for those who are in immedeate danger at our gates. Taking and caring for several 1'000 refugees is a start. Remember: We here cope with 5'000 - 10'000 refugees per day, and we're even not the first contact country in the European Union. Yes, we need help. But far more, THEY need help! Thank you for listening!
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