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    ROC has been kicking around doing a randomized study looking at ETI and supraglottic airways during cardiac arrest for awhile; from what I head a few months ago it may actually be in the works after the completion of ALPS. The problem is that there are a few ROC members who will catagorically refuse to be involved in this, including some that already have both high resuscitation rates, and high first pass success rates for ETI. A true randomized study absolutely needs to be done, but as with all studies on paramedic ETI, it has to first use services that are truly competant at intubation before it's studied in the average service. Depending on the study design, that may be hard to do.
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    Not an anecdote at all my friend! ETC02 has been a proven effective guide to measure quality of compressions and feasibility of positive outcome. ETC02 has NOT proven to be accurate with King airways of LMA's. That's enough right there for me to use Ett for cardiac arrest. That being said, I rarely need to interrupt CPR to place one.... and when I do need to, I do it when we are switching out compressors. I really think the "problem" with intubating codes is in the intubator, not the procedure. Is the jury still out on the whole "King airways decrease cerebral blood flow"? Haven't seen much on that in the last year.... *Does anyone else find the term "intubator" a little dirty to say?
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