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    Nothing like showing your arse Mikey. Some folks have special educational needs and don't get the standard dribble from being read powerpoints. We had a woman with dyslexia that required a little different teaching style. More hands on explanation of what we do in a format that wasn't based soley on reading the book and listening to powerpoints. But in a perfect world like yours everyone is an idiot
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    Huh? I wasn't thinking that....so please don't put words in everyone's mouth. Have you ever sat in front of an "instructor" who reads word for word off of a power point? Some people need "hands on" experience and examples in order to put things into perspective...not everyone can see something on paper and make sense out of it........ Don't go slapping someone upside the head with a Brady book before you know what they are talking about...........
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    I am sorry to say what I am sure others are thinking, but will not say ....... if you need a tutor for the EMTB program, you are not cut out for this profession.
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