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    Yesterday, I took my NREMT-P practical exam in Jersey City, NJ after successfully passing my written examination. After completing the stations I was informed that I had passed all the stations aside from the KED. They offered an afternoon retest which I took as I got excited seeing as I could be a Paramedic when I left. Unfortunately I was then informed that I failed the KED again. Now I have 1 shot left to do the KED or I have to do everything over again. I am looking for some advice as to where to retest at and how I should feel about this. I feel as though I understand the KED and know why I failed the first go round (used wrong strap order MBLHT), but not the second. Just more annoyed that 2 and a half years of schooling completed without incident and the BLS skill screws me up. Thanks.
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    Hello, I am currently a new EMS student and looking forward to all the EMT fun, insight and advice on this forum.
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    I also recently (1 month) took my NREMT-P written/practical and our BLS station was KED. I had the same issue as I failed initially and passed all other stations. My exam was held in NYC. Long story short, island emt, nailed it. The paramedics who administered the exam were absurd. Other people in this thread made great points study the skill sheet and practice, give them no reason to fail you. I fortunately passed the retest, but my understanding is you can protest to the NREMT representative if you feel you have been failed unfairly. Good luck
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    For what it's worth I typically go by this rule in the field and it hasn't let me wrong YET. If it's a routine ALS, I get my BGL via IV hub. If my clinical treatments will be based off my findings (diabetic emergencies or possible CVA) I go by fingerstick. My other question for you is... Was she bradycardic prior to the D50? If so maybe you could have done a fluid bolus with D10 vs a D50 IVP? But I was not there, your the quarterback =)
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    transport time 15 minutes to the hospital """ But they waited 30 minutes for the rotary wing aircraft to get to them :: WTF ????????????? While he may have thought they needed a specialized pediatric hospital, it would have made more sense to load and go to the nearby hospital and let the medivac meet them there as necessary. My guess is the local ER could have handled these children and not cost the added $$$$. Far too often you read of reports where the PT was flown out by helicopter and treated & released within hours with minor injuries. AND a many thousand $$$$$$ bill for a helicopter ride.
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    One thing I can tell you is that the most common reasons for failing the random basic skill stations are PPE/BSI and re-assessing pulse, motor, and sensory after the application of any devices. I would practice with that skill sheet, there are also videos you can find online of examples. One other important thing to remember is to talk through all the steps. What your evaluator cannot see, they cannot score. So if you verbalized everything while you're doing it, it helps to ensure you get credit.
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    Remember to ask if pt can breath. If they are pregnant and to release leg straps when they are on the board.
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    There is no specific strap order regarding the KED as long as you secure the torso first. You can download the NREMT seated spinal immobilisation skill sheet from the NREMT and study/practice with it. If you were actually told by the site coordinator exactly what you did wrong, there may have been a breech in protocol in how the test site was conducted. I am assuming this was a NREMT test site. Unfortunately, the KED is part of a larger station known as the random basic skill test, and it is possible that you may end up doing another type of skill such as haemorrhage/shock if you go to another test site.
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    I woke up to amazing news I PASSED thank you lord I can now get a goodnights sleep.
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