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    So how many people missed that it was World Toilet Day yesterday? I know I did. Came across this article on NPR, I know it sounds like a bad acid trip, but it's not. It's good information that can be used to....ah....strike up a conversation with a patient that.....ah....needs reassurance. Yea, that's it. How many people knew there was a Bristol Stool Chart? NOOOO it's not furniture.... Read the article...you'll use the info at some point in your career. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/11/02/164196276/making-sense-of-colors-and-shapes-in-the-toilet?ft=1&f=1128&sc=tw Stay regular people, Mike
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    If you are willing to sacrifice a bit for the sake of stimulating the economy, I highly recommend the MacBook Pro 15 inch retina. You'll need to fork out more to upgrade to a 512 GB SSD and a 2.6 GHz quad core ivy bridge and maybe extra RAM. However, you'll have a powerhouse with the most beautiful display I have ever seen. It's a gaming powerhouse as well. Games like Rage and Diablo III are beautiful and maintain consistent frame rates on high performance settings. If you really want to game, Mac now has popular games like Bioshock and Bioshock 2, COD Black Ops and Trine 2 on the App Store. Or, you can use boot camp to make a partition and install Windows.
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    It seems this will be the only way to get in to the class anymore. We are 20% overbooked both days and 80 on the wait list. But Kate and Anthony, I've got your slots reserved.
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    Good shit.... PS.. I read your book and loved it. Did you REALLY blow dart your partner? Laughed till I peed
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    Hello to every one! I'm a brand new ALS and was surfing the net to find things to read up on ems buisness. My search led me to this site and what an amazing site it is! I've read most of the topics and It made me appreciate how much I have to learn! I'm looking to better myself, and I think this will be a great place to gain new knowledge and insights on how others view things and do things. I'm really glad I found this site.
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