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    I'm also not going to let this gem pass as it wasn't the first time in this thread that I've been accused of ivory tower thinking. How dare you? No, serious, how dare you? This isn't about fancy schools. This is about the rule of law. This is about the fact that just because we find it distasteful (because, as I said before, I agree that it's distasteful and a douche bag action) doesn't mean I get to push my views on everyone else. Furthermore, for how risk adverse EMS is, and rightfully so, I find it amazing that everyone seems so willing to put their life, liberty, family, and income on the line is to assault some jackass with a camera. What's even more sickening is that we're expecting someone else (the police) to do so, even though they'd incur greater civil and criminal penalty since they're enforcing your whim with their badge. But I digress. If it's my "fancy schooling" that taught me that just because someone else is a douche bag that I shouldn't lower myself to their level, then so be it (I like to think my parents had something to do with that). If it was my "fancy schooling" that taught me that just because I disagreed with someone engaging in a legal action I need to physically accost them or run crying to the police, then so be it. Finally, if it was my "fancy schooling" that taught me to read (because, again, I've posted numerous court cases, and the discussion in the Boston ruling regarding the legal background for their decision is pertinent even if EMS providers aren't always public employees, but I guess you didn't read that section because, well, reading is hard?) and that I shouldn't ask the same question over and over and over and over and over and over and over again for no better reason than I didn't like the answer, then again, so be it. ...but I guess the answer is to be a thug (because your opinion on right and wrong is the only one that matters). So, fine, want to be a douche bag (like the person filming)? Go ahead. However when you be a douche bag to the wrong person with a camera and they take you to civil and criminal court because you decided to smack them, I hope you have a good lawyer on retainer because you're going to need him, and I hope when your family is living off the dole, you remember to tell them about how glorious you were smacking down some idiot with a camera, because that's obviously better than feeding your family.
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    You know JP, it's disappointing that you've continued to consider this a constitutional right despite being challenged many times, at least by me and it seems others, to prove that point when non government entities are involved. Is it really your intention to simply ignore the challenge and continue to parrot the same crap over and over? Is that what they're teaching you in that fancy school of yours? When you can't validate to try simply bury your opponents in repetition?
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    ...and every time I've responded with court cases, it's dismissed because, "Well, they didn't directly discuss private entities." I could post the same set of court cases again (which goes well beyond the Boston ruling that directly discussed public employees, but which I feel can easily be extrapolated), but it's just going to be ignored again. So, were you taught to ask the same question over and over again until you get an answer you want and claim that anything else is ignoring the question? Similarly, every time I've asked, "What law gives you the right to stop the person filming?" it hasn't been answered. So, what law gives you the right to engage in physical or legal action to stop someone from filming? So here we go, readers digest version from an earlier post. "There is an undoubted right to gather news "from any source by means within the law," -Houchins v KQED That's a copy paste from post 83 and was never addressed. There's more there besides that one.
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    Pac-Man!!!! And I flight sim also. I enjoyed the historical versions of COD.
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    My question is, do you trust your own judgment when you start to go wonky? I know my judgment tanks on me when my blood sugar gets low. Peanut butter packets are now my friend. I've made errors that could have been very serious providing patient care when I was coming off a shift on low sleep and low sugar. Do I think that I'm a danger to patients? No... because I know myself and now know how to mitigate the situation when it occurs (and recognize that it is happening much quicker.) Do you know your warning signs? Do you have enough time that you could pull yourself out of a patient care situation? Welcome to the club... like Arctikat said, most of us are nucking futs... in one way or another. As long as you aren't knowingly putting patients at risk by pursuing this career field, I say give it a shot. It may not work for you, or it may be the greatest environment for your brain EVER. You won't know till you try! Wendy CO RN-ADN Student
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