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    Sorry to hear, Anthony. Dust had a good idea . . .
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    Another case of firemen believing their own hype. http://www.ems1.com/fire-ems/articles/813437-Fla-ambulance-service-victim-of-bumper-sticker-pun/ April 29, 2010 Fla. ambulance service victim of bumper sticker pun The police chief said he just wanted the Fire Department to know police cars are not for advertising points The News-Journal DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — A couple of bumper stickers created by the city's firefighters' union that take a potshot at the countywide ambulance service ended up on police patrol cars — much to the consternation of top police brass. No one knows how the bumper stickers — which read "A firefighter saved my life and EVAC billed me" — wound up pasted on the rear bumpers of the cruisers, both Police Chief Mike Chitwood and Fire Chief Gary Hughes said Tuesday. Regardless, the two chiefs spoke about the issue "in passing," according to Hughes. It was a 20-second conversation," Chitwood said. He couldn't recall the exact wording of the talk and said he just wanted the Fire Department to know police cars are not for advertising points of view because law enforcement must maintain its neutrality. Some Daytona Beach firefighters have been fighting for the right to transport patients to the hospital, with the fees they could charge for that service helping to offset the department's costs. Volusia County has turned down requests from cities to cut in on EVAC's ambulance business, fearing it will drive up costs countywide. Hughes said none of his people will admit to placing the bumper stickers on the patrol cars. I made it very clear to my people not to place any stickers on any city vehicles," Hughes said Tuesday.
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