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  2. I think you should be good. If you are looking for a stethoscope, but don’t want to purchase an expensive one. ADC & MDF make good quality ones.
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  4. Ok, so I can make it official. I got the call with the offer. I will find out my start date Friday when I go down and pee in a cup and sign the forms for my background check. I'm clean as a whistle though so that shouldn't be a problem. Now I gotta figure out how to pay for all the gear(I'm not a noob so I won't go overboard) that I need. 2 - 3 pairs of ems pants stethoscope shears boots They provide the shirts but I have to buy them(they order them for me) pen light Belt Already have my field guide I think that's what a guy with a few years under his belt in the field actually needs. any other suggestions that won't make me look like a total dumbass????
  5. Yes we do have alternatives but I say keep it. A great mentor one time told me this, if a person is going to get hooked off one single EMS administration of a drug we give them, then they are probably hooked on something already.
  6. Yes I agree that this sounds like a real situation. And yes there is a lot missing. Would like the original poster to return to give more information. If this is his loved one that would be very helpful to know. If he's searching for answers to why paramedics or emt's did this or that and this might go to court for malpractice, he's not really going to get any information from us to possibly hang those medics out to dry as that is what the court system is for and that's what the expert witnesses get paid big bucks to do. I don't expect the OP to return but I would like him/her to do so in order for us to understand more of what they are wanting us to answer.
  7. Should EMS abandon the use of Fentanyl in the field? Based on the fact that it’s a highly abused and addicting substance. It’s not like we don’t have alternatives. Please share your thoughts.
  8. Unfortunately there is no way to answer your question without having additional patient information. Including the patient’s Allergies? Medications? Past Medical History? Events prior to the emergency. In all honesty this sounds like a real situation.
  9. Ruff, You will do great! Go show the kids how it’s done! All the best
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  11. Oh my goodness Mike, you hit the nail on the head. There have been more jobs lost, more marriages ruined, more relationships destroyed and more homes ruined by facebook than any other electronic medium every before. I personally know of at least 20 couples who have divorced because of facebook. I personally know of 30 people who have lost their jobs due to inappropriate facebook postings. I have multiple friends at work, church, and outside church who's children have sent Dickpics/naked pics to their girlfriends/boyfriends that have then gone viral over other media and it has ruined their childrens lives. I actually counsel and do small group lectures/sessions around my area on how to address it when this does happen to your family. Facebook is not the only culpret. There are other social media sites that are just as bad, some are even worse, some MUCH MUCH MUCH worse. I am putting together a teaching slideshow that I will be using with my small groups and hopefully be able to get this citywide/statewide someday. If I can get a non-profit put together and a sponsor group to back me I would love to take it nationwide because I feel so strongly about it. Guys/gals - I have 2 daughters 7 and 9 years old, and a 16 year old son. it's out there and ready and waiting for them. My son is a good kid, he's already been hit with some of the garbage that is out there. I weep for those who have been hit harder than we have. I set up my son's facebook account when he hit age 14. It has all the privacy filters and such. I have his password, I am his friend on facebook, his mother is his friend on facebook. We see every post he posts, he posts maybe 1-2 times every week. he knows the risks and dangers but he still got caught up in the cesspool of the other dangerous social media sites. I won't go into it here. It was not as bad as it could have been and we got through it. I have Police officer friends who work in Kansas City's Sex trafficking undercover world and I've been on their raids, and I watched them arrest a shit bag who was getting ready to have sex with a 3 year old. I cried my eyes out for 2 days. But she is safe and in foster care. I wanted to kill the guy and so did the officers but he is spending the rest of his life amongst the worst of the worst. It's awful and terrible. These are the officers that I've worked with to build some of my material. I've also worked with officers who work cyber crimes and crimes against minors division. it's out there, and our job to keep our kids safe. Sorry that this got off the rails but it's on us to keep our families safe, especially our daughters. and our son's. More to come
  12. I've been saying it for years but people are only now, slowly, beginning to realize it. Facebook is the devil.
  13. I've been here for many years. I've seen it when we had dozens of new posts a day, the chat room was jumpin and we had active members who checked this site on a daily basis. Now, it's lucky to see a new post once every two to three weeks. I still check this site about every 3-5 days or whenever the site decides to notify me of a new post which is hit or miss. Honestly I do not believe this site is relevant to a new provider as there just are not enough active members here to be a good site to come to. Can that change - yes I believe it could but there are so many facebook groups that honestly are just as good as we Used to be. We used to be the site of choice prior to Facebook becoming the place to be. Now Facebook is the place and with Facebook's instant responsiveness, this site unfortunately cannot hold a candle to Facebook. Good discussion can be had here but there has to be people to discuss things with and I don't see that here. There was a time a couple of months back that I wrote a post pointing out we had X number of members but in a period of X number of months there were only 2 new posts and a small number of replies to existing posts. I was needless to say Dismayed but it is what it is. I'd love for this site to return to it's prominence it once had but I fear that it is never to be again. Maybe but maybe not. Who knows, maybe someone else has a different take. EMT City, Dinosaur still holding on? Prove me wrong!!!
  14. Years ago I found this site as a brand new provider. It helped shape where I am now and put me in touch with mentors I am forever indebted to. Site activity has been quite low for some time now so It's difficult to say if it would serve a new provider the same as it did me.
  15. Yeah, I'm taking a video refresher course by Jon Puryear - learning a lot - I guess that's why they call it a refresher right. Just took ACLS last week - learned some good stuff Taking PHTLS wed and thusday of this week PALS soon Start date would be May 15th as that's the next orientation date. I should be all certed up by then. It also gives me time to keep working my part time consulting project and get some money to buy my EMS Gear that I'm going to need. nervous but ready.
  16. I'm going with a probable welcome back to the field. Sometimes it's nice when what's old is new again. I spend most of my time flying now but still enjoy the occasional shift working a street car. I like the reminder as to where I came from and why I decided to move into my current area of practice.
  17. I had to respond, I think it's a record in thread resurrections. And Shitty advice to begin with from the original Necromancer.
  18. Well, I got a tentative job offer same day, but he wanted to talk to the crews and also see what HR had to say. I was hoping for a phone call today. I'm patient. We shall see.
  19. Me being "Captain Obvious" here, take the situation to human resources, or at least to the immediate supervisors. Document all complaints, times, dates, the usual deal. If possible, address the issues to a female supervisor, so she might be more comfortable, even as the men working with her are uncomfortable. Running around in her underwear sounds like...well...inviting trouble. Not knowing the indivividual, could she be trying to trap some or all male colleagues into a sexual harassment lawsuit? Or even a lesbian coworker, in a similar lawsuit? When she's on the road, is she at least a competent EMT or Paramedic, or driver? If not, perhaps she's trying to keep those who could fire her off balance, with threat of a lawsuit. Again, as the Captain, her actions are behavior of an unacceptable nature. Keep the City informed as to outcome of this investigation/situation.
  20. You are kidding me, she walks around in her underwear around you and no-one has said anything to her? Honestly she is sexually harassing you and should be reported to HR for this. I may be old fashioned but you just don't do that. Does anyone else walk around in their underwear when they are working? I bet not. This is one step away from a harassment complaint and I'll bet it won't come from any of those who are fully clothed, it will come from her saying that you guys keep looking at her partly naked body. You better nip that immature behaviour in the bud and if it doesn't stop, request a transfer to a station where crewmembers are more mature than 3 year olds. Man, Dust would have a hey day with this one.
  21. Well this sort of sounds like some of the other situations we have encountered in this forum. Stillnotcharlie, we have been presented these questions before on a hypothetical basis and they have actually been family members looking for evidence to sue EMS providers or Hospital employees or just bystanders for doing things that should or should not have been done. You probably won't get an answer to your question here hence the "Hypothetical" comment by Paramedicmike nor a response to me unless you give us more background on the call or scenario. Could this have been your grandfather?
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  23. I'm not convinced this is actually "hypothetical".
  24. I would love the wisdom of the educated crowd on this one. I am not an EMT. Just interested in understanding how an EMT or Paramedic would approach this hypothetical: A 70 year old man collapses in a hotel lobby after having chest pain. By the time EMS is there, he is unresponsive and likely having a massive heart attack. Do you ever give nitro in this situation? How do you know if there are contraindications like ED meds? Assuming nitro is something you would give, what happens if the patient was on ED meds and was given nitro as well?
  25. ParamedicMike, he probably did well, given his experiences. Give him a couple of days to settle in, let the noobs he's with get to know him, and he, them.
  26. This is more of a professional courtesy question. There is an overnight veteran emt that comes in at 11pm when the evening crew gets out at 12am. She habitually complains and asks us to basically not speak for our last hour of our overlapping shift, every time. Not only that but she storms in the room in her underwear. I’ve been wondering and growing frustrated with this. Seeing as when I come in for morning overlapping shifts I simply have the courtesy to wait an hour before I do dishes and cook breakfast due to the overnight crew still sleeping. Also I feel that if walked around in my underwear it’d be an issue. Furthermore I’ve learned that she basically orders fellow overnight emt’s to drag their mattress into a training closet to sleep! Is this fair, what can I do... or am I in the wrong.
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