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Pregnancy and it's sudden complications

Just Plain Ruff


Ok, for those of you who don't know this, my wife's pregnant. This for many people would not be one of those WOW WOW WOW things but if you knew our history you would know that this is truly a miracle. We just don't get pregnant like other people do.

My wife was pregnant about a year ago and she carried to 16 weeks and then the baby died.

Well now we are 23 weeks 5 days along. During the previous pregnancy we found that the Mrs. has factor 5 lytem which has necessitated heparin injections 2 times a day every day till 34 weeks. My wifes stomach is quite bruised.

This past monday we had an ultrasound to determine cervical thickness and it was 1.1cm when it should have been 3.4 or thicker. This prompted no small amount of activity by the OB doc's office. They immediately put her on her back, called the local Fire department to come get her to take her to the big guns with the perinatologist.

We had a fire truck and an ambulance to take care of someone in the doctor's office which I think is overkill but hey, I don't do the budget in that city. If I did things would be done differently but hey I digress.

She arrived at the hospital and placed in a room and she was seen by the perinatologist pretty quickly.

A sidebar to this day was that Jennifer (my wife) had to deliver a meal to a family who had just attended a funeral. My wife put together this dinner with the help of our sunday school class. I ended up delivering the meal while my wife was being transported to the hospital.

Her doctor said that she was going to get a cerclage done on tuesday and for those of you who don't know what a cerclage is, well let's just say, stitches to close the cervix. But remarkably, this went really really well.

So she is on modified bedrest for the next week and may be on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy.

My week was busy this week but it's going to get much busier.


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Michael Glad things are ok for now.... If you get too stressed out you know how to reach me if you need to vent or just a shoulder to cry on.

Will be praying for you and your family....and honestly I think TERRI is a great name for a kid!

Big hug and kiss to you and yours


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Glad that things are still going as well as can be.... you and your family are in my prayers....

and... ahem Sis..... ANNIE is a wayyyyy better name for a kid!

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OK personally im liking Lisa Irene or happiness

Michael you and your wife will be in our prayers and I have a feeling you will be holding a happy, healthy baby.

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My thoughts and prayers for you and your family. If you need to talk, you know how to get ahold of me. Hope to chat with you soon!

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man i dont kno what to say except that you and your wife and little baby are in my prayers. i had two kids 11mnths apart so getting and staying prego

wasnt a problem but i feel so bad for you keep me update as best as you can. i kno having her on bed rest is hard. try though okay

you both are in my thoughts and prayers...

hang in there~~~

the kids just make it harder lol


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Hey, you made it past the 24 week mark by now! I'd ask her doctor about betamethasone(to develop the lungs) injections just to be on the safe side. They hurt like molassas in the derriere but it's sooo worth it. My last pregnancy I spent the last 11 of weeks on bedrest(9 of them in trendelenburg, still only made it to 33 weeks) so I know what your wife is going through. Never had the cerclage though as my membranes had already ruptured. My advice at this point, is to set small goals. You are already at the viable point. Now shoot for 28 weeks. Then make it 32. Then 36. Then 40. This way it doesn't feel like it's dragging on forever. Also, if you think it might help, I can give you my phone number if she's got any questions about getting through long term bed rest. Anyway, all the best! Keep us posted!

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