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New Branch



Our second grandchild was born on Friday May 22, he is a cutie.

When we got more information than the general weight and time we were told he went to NICU because he had a high white cell count. Where he was born its automatic they do this, run a couple courses of antibotics and you get to take your precious package home. Well since he did not nurse right away etc. his blood sugar was a little low, so they put him on a dextrose drip. Then they were concerned that he was not eating very much. Well he was not hungry, they were feeding him by iv. How retarded is this. Well Sunday night he got to really fussing and carrying on that he kicked his iv out and they decided not to re attach the iv. Low and behold he was hungry later on and chowd down. Now they did the little surgery on Tuesday, he cannot go home until he pees. He must have because they took him home eight hours later. Poor little guy. He had his first Dr. visit today and gained four ounces in a week. He did not loose any weight at the hospital after birth like most do. Dr. was pleased, momma and daddy is pleased and so is this grandma.

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