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My roommate mentioned to me that she saw on TV a "newer" form of CPR. Meaning next we can expect to be doing 50:2 CPR. I'm all for giving every patient a chance. Being a rural provider, with 30:2, we've come close to sheer exhaustion, working someone to the ER. I know constant compressions is the key, but at what point is it okay to give up b/c you just can't do anymore? At that rate, we'd need extra manpower just to do CPR for the 45min. which is usually our time from the scene to ER. I haven't seen the piece, don't know where she saw it, but it had to have been on TV last night.


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Here in IL. we do 100:2 CPR. Our squad is BLS and also a rural provider. Our nearest Trauma hospital is 35 minutes away. Our protocol is to call for an ALS unit in cases where CPR is needed. We have 3 EMTS on board at all times, but in cases like these if an extra one shows up we have them drive or try to get a fireman to drive. Sheer exhasution is how I would describe it as well, however there is never a point in which it is ok to give up. We try to go to the nearest hospital if possible which is about 15 minutes, but have often had cases when the family insist ongoing to the trauma center. Hope this was useful to you!

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there is never a point in which it is ok to give up.

Actually, it is commonly taught, that when you can't go anymore.. you stop. When we have a cardio-pulmonary arrest, they don't get to decide where we go. We couldn't go anywhere else. We've had medics run out of drugs. Protocol, if ALS or the ER is more than 15min from the scene; and we've had no shock after 3min of CPR; we can call MedCOM and get orders to stop efforts. I don't give up, but sometimes a futile effort is clear.

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