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Pulled out of Rig



There was a home that these poor mental patients would go and give this lady all their social security checks to so she would have enough money to get food for them, beds, and help pay for the place that they are staying at. A half-way home, these patients remember where mental patients. Some of them didn't know what was going on. They just knew that they weren't in the hospital any more and were willing to go to this place. A place that feed them, gave them room and board sounded very good to them. But after they were there for some time they realized who terrible that place really was. If you were the lucky one you were just left in a cold room with dirty sheets and the mattress was so thin you could almost see through it. If she like you then each day or several times a day you were time into her room. That was an experience that you never wanted to have. The patient's would call 911 from the pay phone on the in the hallway. If she caught you before it went through then the call was canceled. If not and the call went through then we would come and when we went inside if she didn't know we would find her with one of the patients in here room and they would be ever so happy to see us. When we would load the patient up to take them to the hospital she would get very angry and not want us to take them to the hospital. Though they where mentally ill they could tell us what was going on.

On this way day she didn't want us to take this patient to the hospital. I had already shut her down once due to the treatment of the patients and the conditions of the place. She re-opened back up under a different name. Doesn't anyone check out the place before they open and give her a license? They would have seen it was the same place. I just don't understand how the state could let these poor people be sent to a place like this and no one check it out. The smarter ones would call 911 and tell us what was wrong at the place while we took them to the hospital. That made her very angry and she found out who had called the state on her and when we were there to pick up a patient that called 911 she came running after me and grabbed me by the back of the shirt collar and pulled me out of the back of the rig. When she got me out of the rig I turned to face her after I regained my balance as I came up she punched me right in the face. Knocked me clear off my feet. I'm 5 3 100lbs. She out weighted me by 100lbs and was 5 8 something like that. As I got to my feet to hit her back when several cops came running. Tackled her and hand cuffed her and off to jail she goes. What happens to all the people there? We take them to the area hospitals to have checked out and sent to a different half way home. Her place was closed down charges brought against her by the police. She brought charges against me. I didn't even touch her but she brought them against me anyway, at court and believe it or not the judge demanded I tell her I was sorry or have the charges brought against me. Like that wasn't bad enough she re-opened again. Third time under a different name. What does it take to close this place down?

Finally enough patients complained but not until so many patients had so much more mental damage done to them that the placed closed. Never to open again! The great state of NJ, these poor people were caught in a system that didn't seem to care. I often wonder how many homes like that are out there? those poor people were sent to other homes. Are they like that one? I hope not!!!


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Same thing happens here dude; they end up in places like that being ripped off blind or they end up in jail. At least they didnt end up like at the old folks home where the old folk check in and end up buried in the backyard while the owner collects thier SS/SSDI and blows it on coke and fast cars.

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Yep thats what happens but there are good ones out there. But in British Columbia the Liberals got in and closed down the mental institutions and let go on the streets so I guess I could say it could be worst. It is very heart breaking to watch the lack of justice in this world but one thing you should keep in mind is pick your battles and you wont win them all but you will win some and those will be the ones that count.

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if she comes at you again kick her in the crotch works on girls to and seems like it would be worth it and then you would at least have something to apologize for

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happens where i live also they bring it up in the news and as far as what the cops do idk and if they shut the place down idk but idts

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