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I passed the Phtls course I enrolled in. I fret over written testing, just freaks me out. I passed practicals and the written well, I had no need to worry or fret. I passed with a really high score even if I am just a "B".

We are down to the wire on the book my friemd and I have been working on. Almost 200 hundred pages of biographical and genealogical entries, covering a span of almost 180 years. We suprised ourselves in some bio's, as well as descendants of these families buried in a little cemetery in Colorado. We were actually able to give descendants some of their missing information they could not find. We dug up newspapers articles on some of these people long buried in old Colorado newspapers some information back before 1900. This book will not make any best seller list, but will help generate funds for upkeep of the cemetery, which was the origional intent of the text.


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