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Ok am on countdown mode from my current job, in the next five and half weeks, I have to do the following:

a) work my shift routines

B) finish a 30 minute verbal presentation (which is actually this thursday coming up and will be attended by my boss EEEEEK)

c) Attend College for my post graduate papers

d) Do a physical exam for my advanced assessment paper

e) Sleep

f) Eat

g) Spend time with the wife and kid

h) Sign my contract and get measured for my uniform

i) Shower

j) Come into EMTcity on a daily basis

k) Survive comments and attitudes from nurses as I countdown the final weeks at my job

l) Attend my farewell function

m) Get Nervous

n) perform testicular self examination

o) Work on some more of my book

p) drive to my family home for the wifey to meet my family

q) continue to sing wenkebach

r) Laundry

s) make a sandwhich

t) balance my money

u) *in relation to above* jump for joy that my new job is three grand a year more base salary than my current one

v) finish my personal role development portfolio (or as I like to call it, laxative).

w) Pray that none of the nurses I told about my new job have told my boss.

x) Wish the next few weeks would go faster

y) perform usual excretetory functions

z) start my new job.

Nothing much eh ;)

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Well good luck in it all Scotty. Dont worry everthing is going to work out for you and your family. Just the fact you can still check for thoses testies says it all. :thumbsup:

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