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a crappy day



Today was a strange day. First, I came to our station and was greeted from my collages with roars of laughter. Then I went to our disposition to receive the keys and the folder of our ambulance, and got the replacement vehicle allocated because of the Reason that our ambulances was in the auto repair shop. After a short check of our replacement ambulance we got then our first run, which was canceled 20 minutes after departure from our disposition so that we got as second run a Infection run for a Patient with Pseudomonas aeruginosa from a Rehab to a University Hospital. But on our way to the reab our run was been canceled again by our disposition, and we got another infection run on the other site of our city for a Patient with methicillin resistant germs. After that run we got another infection run for a Patient similar germs. So our morning consisted mostly of permant disinfecting and talking to ur disposition becouse of our runsand desinfection times. I can't say how much I hate that special runs with Infection Protection clothes and Desinfection in the morning. But somehow the beginning of the day drew like a red thread through the day. Our last run was an acute abdomen at a nursing home which looked really badly. After that when we reached the Hospital my Partner said to me that she feels really sick with nausea, because a coffee with milk which she got at midday in a nursing home. And now I am at home and I feel tired and badly.

But I know the show must go on tomorrow.... :ph34r::blink::dribble:


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