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An Apology is not enough....



On March 17, Greg Gutfeld, a “comedian” on FOX, and several other “comedians” made several incredibly disrespectful and derogatory comments towards Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Quote: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...?hub=TopStories

On the show, Gutfeld mocked Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie, chief of land staff, who suggested in early March that the military may need a year-long break in operations due to personnel and equipment shortages.

"Once their Afghan mission winds down sometime in 2011, certain members of the Canadian military are looking to take a much-deserved break. And by certain members I mean all of them," Gutfeld said.

"Meaning, the Canadian military wants to take a breather to do some yoga, paint landscapes, run on the beach in gorgeous white Capri pants."

In the four-minute segment, Gutfeld asked the other three members of his panel: "Isn't this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country? They have no army!"

Benson replied: "I didn't even know they were in the war. I thought that's where you go when you don't want to fight. Go chill in Canada."

When the Canadian Minister of Defense demanded an apology, Mr. Gutfeld’s response was (

My apologies to the Canadian military, they probably could at least beat the Belgians.

— FakeGregGutfeld (@FakeGregGutfeld)

March 22, 2009

“My apologies to the Canadian military, they probably could at least beat the Belgians.”

Then, when told his apology was not acceptable, his comment was "I realize that my words may have been misunderstood.”

Misunderstood????? Rather than truly apologising for a completely uneducated and insulting comment, he then makes it worse by saying that Canadians misunderstood – putting the blame on Canadians, rather than admitting he was out of line.

I will admit, Canadians are not as vocal about being proud of their armed forces as the US is. I will also admit that our government has done a poor job of providing equipment and supplies to our hard-working men and women.

I also admit, that this idiot who spouted this garbage is a low-rated, middle of the night so-called comedian, whose idea of satire is more insulting than funny.

And yet, I find that I am incredibly offended by this man’s comments. I truly hope that the average middle-class American is not so ignorant of Canada’s role in Afghanistan as Mr. Gutfeld’s. Are people south of the 49th truly so ill-informed that they are unaware that Canada has been in Afghanistan since January 2002? I truly hope not.

I hope that there are consequences for his comments. I think if he doesn’t lose his job, FOX should send him to Kandahar to spend 6 months with our Canadian men and women serving there. He should have to apologise to all our troops.

He should be ashamed of himself.


Recommended Comments

Typical yank, its the same as Australia versus New Zealand, we are a smaller nation, we didnt fight in afghanastan but we served in Iraq and our troops are doing peace keeping in East Timor etc and many American and British and Canadian soilders have enjoyed having the Kiwi's to work along side with. There has been jovial rilvary between Canada and America for a long time but this is too far and I doubt these "comedians" would love to be placed there and serve some time and when I say some time, I mean a year or more away from the comforts of home. Just because a country doesnt have to compensate their small egos like a certain country does by spouting on about their military, does not mean that they don't have a military or are not proud of them, they, along with us, just go along and do our jobs, like we are supposed to.

I'd love to see this man fired too.

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