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the end



The End.

Were you too blind to see the sadness in my eyes?

Were you just to busy to stop and ask me why.

You just let me slip away and as my soul slowly dies.

You never asked me about the tears I cry.

The hand was played the cards were dealt.

I wish now that the wind would take me where ever it blows.

You will never know the love I felt.

You are a cruel person and now the truth shows.

You fail to notice everything I did how much I really care.

I always hide what's really on my mind as I listen to you talk,

I laughed at your jokes and stupid stupid things you dare,

You can talk the talk but honey you cant walk that walk.

I will be there when you need me all you have to do is call.

I will stand beside you and help you be strong.

I will not let the troubles of life let you fall.

I know this dream I am dreaming cant be wrong.

I know I am not your first but I was hoping I could be your last.

Hard as stone with hidden fears I will love in slience as no one hears.

My heart of gold and beautiful soul will be a thing of the past.

Those are things that have been hardened and vanished through the years.

We will never know what might have been or what could be.

Because you chose to shout the door and the life that could be will never be tried.

I will go now and live inside my private hell and you will never see.

But if the wourld ends tonight just know that a tear for you was cried.


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