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New Ambulance



Well yesterday we went to pick up a new ambulance. I had been to the company that builds ours before, but yesterday the gave us a tour. It was awesome to see how ambulances are built from start to finish! They took us to lunch and even threw in a new Tshirt and hat for each of us! Of course we did pay multiple thousands of dollars to have the old box remounted and improved.

We also saw a new idea they have for a clinic on wheels/communications truck. It was a 14 foot box with 2 curtained areas for patients and 4 desks. Very neat idea! I'm hoping we can find a way to convince our supervisors we need such a vehicle! It amazes me how many improvements have been made to ambulances just in my 7 years of EMS.

If you are shopping for a new ambulance I would definetely recommend Frazer. They work with you to get you exactly what you need. They are helpful when problems arise, and they really KNOW ambulances.

The best part of the day was that I drove the truck 150 miles home and didn't even put one scratch on it! :icecream:


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