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The semester has begun!



The spring semester started yesterday and I am already afraid! I am enrolled in Statistics, Environmental Biology, and Theater. My only real concern is statistics. I am not even sure what the class is about!

Hopefully all my professors are great! Good luck to those of you who are also enrolled this semester. I am hoping this will be my last semester at the local community college!

On another note, my books cost $450! I only bought three! How crazy is that?


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Stats can be a fun class... my biggest advice for that class is to not miss a single class. It builds and if you miss one lecture you'll be lost.

good luck!

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My class is on-line. I'm not sure if that is helpful or harmful.

The funny thing is I aced my first statistics assignment and didn't do very well on the biology assignment. I thought it would be the other way around. Hopefully statistics is easy all semester!

If you have any other advice feel free to share!

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I had stats in my senior year of high school and liked it. Had to pay close attention or it was easy to get lost though.

As for college textbooks, that's once of the biggest scams going around. I think I spent close to $500 my first semester on them alone. At least you can sell them back when classes are over.

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