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Merry Christmas



It took me 18 days to realize my bad month was going to screw up the Christmas of people I know and love. The hardest thing in the world was to let go of being mad and feeling betrayed and also totally responsible for the entire situation and say, Move on. Just like when your buddy separates or gets divorced or whatever event now makes continued miserable repeatments of how great they are and how low the other person is, rehashed daily for your benefit. I didn't get everything done that would have been over the top, like making cookies with the kids, fantasy fudge, homemade kahlua and trashing a certain someone's medical license. Ok, not completely let go but much further than before. The truth is they will self destruct on their own but tomorrow I can still make fudge that will spike everyone's blood sugar while still taking another week off to just enjoy everyone. I can't job search or do any serious semi permanent decisions until after the first. Isn't that a rule somewhere? Anyway, I will also take another 7 day and more introspection to decide if I want to stay in EMS or not. I had a busy week with the volunteer service I run with and until the day I pull out of town that won't change. Otherwise I will continue to think on it. Following a little old advice about not making hasty decisions.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And please, if you're not having a great holiday, month, day, year or life, please don't do anything that will force an armed response. There's been too much violence the last few months and don't we all deserve a break? Try a pill, for Gods' sake. My vote is for 2 vicadin and a glass of wine.


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