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Nervous about surgery



I'm having surgery in a week...and I'm slightly nervous...I think I know too much about the OR!

During my clinical time I spent many hours in the OR. I witnessed techs making fun of patients, not being professional, and many minor mistakes being made. I am terrified of what will go on as I am under anesthesia. The people I work with are not helping...I have been told that I will be awake throughout surgery without the ability to let them know. I have been told that I will wake up intubated. I am afraid of waking up in severe pain. I am afraid the surgery won't work. I am afraid that the surgeon will find more damage than expected when he goes in. I am afraid that the surgery will be more extensive than I am anticipating.

I'm trying to be optimistic. I hope that my pain will be greatly relieved after surgery. I hope that I can control the pain with minimal pain killers.

I really NEED this surgery to work. The last 7 months have been crazy awful.


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Wish I could say something to take away your fears but I can't. But you have 2 choices live with pain or live without pain. good luck and please let us all know how your recovery is :)

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