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Paragod vs. Paramedic



I hate the term Paragod. I hated it when I was an EMT-B, and I hate it now that I'm a paramedic.

I know there are times when paramedics take it too far. I worked with one who insisted that I stand on the right side of the stretcher, for no reason other than the fact that he felt that's the way it should be. There are paramedics, who think that EMT's offer no help at all other than the ability to drive. However, there are times when paramedics must stand there ground.

I am a green paramedic. I can admit that. I've been a paramedic for almost 4 years and was an EMT for 3 before that. I know I don't know everything. I never will.

It bothers me when EMT's try to quarterback my calls. There are times when experience is helpful and I will listen to the suggestions they offer, but the final call is mine. I am responsible for the patient, nobody else.

If you don't understand why I've done something a certain way ask me after the call. I'm happy to explain my thinking and discuss the situation.

It is so easy for lower level providers to critique what they don't understand. They don't want the responsibility of being a paramedic yet they want to judge what they don't understand.

There are times when a paramedic has to be authoritative. There's no way around it.

So, if I override a decision you try to make, please understand it isn't personal. I just may have a different way of thinking than you do.


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I'm an EMTS I married to MD obgyn;) I totally get what you are saying. As a green EMT ( It's been years since then and I was a know it all at times) I've been humbled a bit lol by my second guessing what I did not understand. I'm now a chemist ( volunteer still as EMT in med reserves) I see those just put of EMT school etc very much like me . Had a situation today on which I had to gently instruct a lower level medic about gathering pt data. I tried to not be arrogant but as a woman this guy definitely didn't like "a girl " telling him to get such n such data etc I guess that's nature of our biz. We just need to sometimes let it go if our personalities clash, but if its strictly med procedure I always say something if I know person is equal or lower level to my trsiningA. I have deep respect for Paramedics and love:) they are awesome and I love assisting and watching them on action,it's of my experience is positive. My only complaint is when sometimes they second guess doc My husbands has years of training as surgeon etc I do believe docs most time deserve our respect. Even when we don't know why they take course of tx they do!

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