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Ok so I suck at this



Well it been about 2 months since I posted one sentence into the blog. I keep telling myself I'm going to journal. I want to blog, but it's much more fun to play Bejeweled Blitz for 5 hours, then realize you've wasted your day.

I watched Julie and Julia last night. Yup, it reminded me that I wanted to blog again. But yet, as many people feel, I am unsure what to write and how much I want to open up about myself. Oops excuse me I've been off the Vyvance for a month, something shiny just caught my attention.

Ok I'm back. So where should I begin today.

I'm at work. I took an extra shift because my bank account was circling the drain. Ms. Shelley (Dog) and Mr. Mojo (Cat) have had hospital visits that put a damper on reconstructing my finances. Reconstructing is a nice way of putting never had any to begin with.

It's an IFT shift. Notice came out from operations desperate for someone to work a 10 hour shift, and of course once I got into work 10 has become 13.

I like doing IFT work, it is primarily how many of us started, and the education you receive from reading charts and medical records of patient's is great. Just as in the other emergency area of EMS work, it does have it's ups an downs.

Well looks like I'm off for now.


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