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Enlisted FMF corpsman, paramedic, looking for contract work



Hello everyone, I've been a member of emtcity for quite sometime, although I don't come around here too often. I just would like to fire a shot in the dark and see what I hit. I am currently serving as a FMF corpsman in the US Navy. I have 1 combat deployment under my belt as a corpsman with a Marine unit in Helmand, AFG, I was an instructor for Marines in combat life saving and Im currently working in the ER at a Marine base in California. I had my paramedic cert prior to joining, I had been working about 3 years of 911 prior to enlisting, including time in post Katrina New Orleans area. Im in the process of getting my EMT-P back with NREMT and the state of CA. As of now, I have a year and a half left but im trying to find a contract somewhere out there that is about 3-6 months. My goal is basically to make enough to survive 3 months of the fire academy out here financially. The GI bill is good but is a bit low for where I live. Any information, ideas, or contacts dealing with overseas paramedic contracts would be greatly appreciated. I don't care if it's Afghan, been there done that, my mom might be a little upset but thats okay. Thank you again to anyone who can help.


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I have actually came across one. I dont know if you have heard about Blackwater Inc. (sure you probably have) but they are under new ownership and have changed their name to ACADEMI.

They have some really appealing contracts on their website.

Check it out.


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1. Your first contract will be well over 3-6 months, more like 1 yr with 1 or 2 leave rotations in there.

2. Get your intermediate cert first. Most contracts are moving away from DoD and DoS is taking over. DoS requires intermediate, period. DoD will hire Basics, but there are very few of those contracts out there and if you're not in the good ole buddy system, you ain't getting in.

Because the economy back home sucks, the competition over here has gotten tough. And these companies know that. The days of making $1000/day are over. Every new contract is underbid by someone else.

3. Sign up on different contractor forums and read. Don't start asking questions, read and do your homework. Socnet, Secureaspects, Closeprotectionworld, Blackice, Shooterjobs.

If you decide to shotgun blast your resume out to all the companies like I did, I recommend Dyncorp, Aegis, Globalgroup. I would stay away from Triple Canopy, just from my experience.

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