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Cancer scare. Advice appreciated.



You just never know what may happen...

I am having a little medical problem and am trying to keep it quiet in my circle of family and friends but I am really struggling so I thought maybe my EMT City friends could offer some advice or words of encouragement.

I have had a small growth on my thigh for about 5 years. I went to my PCP a few years ago and he said it was nothing, it had probably been there longer than I realized and i shouldn't worry about it.

Well a month ago I took a spill from a horse and the area around my growth appeared to have a huge bruise around it but it didn't feel like a bruise. In one of my follow up appointments for the back injury I asked my PCP to look at it again. He became very concerned and scheduled me to come in the next day so he could remove it. No big deal, he cut it out, left a stitch to close the incision, sent it to pathology because he nor anyone in the office had ever seen anything like it before.

The first pathologist called him and told him he thought it looked like a liposarcoma but he had never seen it before so he was sending it to a second pathologist. The second pathologist said it looked like a different even rarer form of sarcoma but when he stained the slide it didn't act like it should. His recommendation was to remove the rest of the groth with a large section of healthy tissue just to be cautious. I was sent to a general surgeon who told me he wouldn't touch it until he had approval of an oncologist. The oncologist wouldn't make a definitive diagnosis but thinks it is sarcoma. He ordered a CT of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis as that is where this particular cancer spreads. I had the CT today so I am just waiting for results. The oncologist said that the tumor in my thigh will need to be removed regardless and next week he and the surgeon will discuss how much needs to be removed.

Does anyone have experience with liposarcoma or any other forms of sarcoma? Does it sound like I'm on the right track? Any suggestions for me? I am very worried and the more I google the worse it gets.

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Umm...i don't really have advice for you but I hope you'll be ok and I'm here if you need someone. So if you think of anything i could do even if its simple like sending a card I'll be more than happy to ^_^ but in the meantime just do things you like and enjoy stuff you know?

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So first of all you are the one incharge of your body. I think if you want more taken out like the first guy said then say that. Next I would assume they would check your lymph nodes closes to the lump and that will tell them if the cancer has spread through that as they are the first line of defence. Quit googling it will drive your nuts, your mental health is just as important. Here is a story from years ago

Private: Brain ca. Given 6 weeks to live. He went through all the treatments and surgeries. He also said that he was going to be around for his kids and family. He lived.

General: Skin ca. Told it was treatable but because he focused on the word Cancer and thought he was going to die. He did 6 months later.

Take the high road and keep saying to yourself that you are going to be fine :)

take care


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I don't have any experience with this form of cancer. I do have experience with the scare of breast cancer. 1st time the docs thought I might have it I was 22 y/o and pregnant with my oldest. I will finish up a 2 yr watch on the 2nd scare this September.

Take things a day at a time. DON'T let the stuff you read on the internet scare you. All cancer can be deadly. A big part of any treatment is to keep yourself positive and surround yourself with positve people. Don't keep this from your family and friends because you need that emotional support. Do keep in mind that it is treatable if it is cancer and that today you're here and will do your best to stay in the moment.

Hugs and prayers from eastern Colorado.

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So the second biopsy came back inconclusive as well but the oncologist said it didn't matter because treatment of liposarcoma consists of removing the mass along with a healthy margin of tissue which was accomplished. I now have a crater in my thigh to show what I went through but I'm incredibly grateful that the journey is over. Thanks for your thoughts and advice!

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