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I have been handed the short hand of the stick. I have been working with part-timers as one of our full-time employees has been out on medical leave.

A little back ground info on my service-we are a rural 911 service and the closest hospital is at a minimum 30 miles away.

I have been working with one part-timer who is male and older than me so he thinks he is entitled to be king. He is an Intermediate and his only other EMS job is for a transfer service where he has worked for about a year. The first time I ran a call with him I realized he is very green to the emergency part of things. I thought no big deal, I don't mind teaching him a few things...HA. You can only teach people who want to be taught.

He was unsable to take a blood sugar, or even locate the glucometer. He questioned my judgement on an unconscious diabetic that I gave Glucagon to. Everything must be explained to him. He apparently has never backboarded a patient before. He refused to listen to me when I told him we were going to the ER without lights and sirens with a drunk patient. He refuses to actually take a patient himself. It is so stressful to know that the only extra pair of hands you have is unwilling to make any effort to learn anything. Knowing I could be working a cardiac arrest with him is terrifying. The fear that I could be stuck with him having multiple patients is even more terrifying. Sometimes working for a rural service really sucks!


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It sounds like you need to document those complaints and turn them in throught the chain of command, especially if you have tried to address these as training items.

How many people are there working at the department each shift because it could become a unit training instead of just a one on one.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for the feedback but that is not an option here. I have talked to the supervisor and she says I'm working with the part timer because I should be able to carry the weight. The real problem is we don't have enough part timers to fill the slots. We don't pay enough when you compare us to the local privates for part timers to be interested in driving out here.

We staff 2 trucks 24/7 so we have 4 employees on staff round the clock.

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It's an unfortunate fact that people who do this as a career (FT) do it differently than people who are volunteers or part time. We have plenty of people where I live who just want to drive the ambulance and criticize what happens in the back. You're also probably fighting previous medics who treated the part timers like crap and now they're defensive and half assed. You could try something simple; just be nice to the guy and talk to him. Ask him if he remembers when he first started as an EMT, and coach him. Remind him how much you're depending on him to be part of the team, how much you want to do the right thing, and how he'd want you to treat him or a member of his family. Too many people forget how far you can get being nice, even when you don't think you should have to be. He's not doing his job, and you're having to kiss his ass to get him to do it is frustrating. However, what's the bigger picture here?

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