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stressful week



I have had a really stressful week this past week. Bad falls in which one guy ended up with an open tib/fib. STEMI's, stokes, flash pulmonary edema and 3 full arrests. 2 of the full arrests will most likely walk out of the hospital....I'm pretty proud of that. Today's arrest ended up with a tension pneumo and has a chest tube in and he is on a ventilator. I dont know how good his prognosis is, probably not very good at all. He was down 20 minutes before we got to him and it was another 20 before we got him to the ED. But family started CPR almost immediately so there may be a chance for him.

Its funny how the cycles work. Some weeks its diabetics...others its respiratory problems. This week people were seriously ill and needed intervention to stay alive. But, this week, it's taken its toll on me for some reason. I'm mentally exhausted...short tempered and moody. Every muscle in my body aches and my head hurts. Guess its a good thing I'm off for the next 2 days. I'm turning my phone off and hiding for 2 days. Maybe it will be enough time to recuperate a little....maybe. I hope......


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