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Just a bit off..



All week, I've been off. I picked up the wrong watch, for an ambulance call, that's when things went down hill. Tuesday night, I was bitching to myself b/c LOST wasn't on.. Well, duh, b/c it's on Wednesday. Wednesday, I missed lost, b/c it felt like Thursday. Thursday, I hurry around, to get to the post office, before it closes.. had a call.. and went in to grab my mail, only to discover that it was in fact NOT, Saturday. I dunno why I thought it was a Saturday. The only plausible explanation, is the time change.

Now, I'm pretty sure it's Friday the 13th at 0344.. That's all I got..

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Well from someone who lives everyday as Friday the 13th your doing great, keep it up lol :beer: and then have one of these cheers

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